Advertise Here for Just $1 a Week!

For a limited time you can increase your exposure to your shop, item or blog for just $1 a week.
You will get a 400 px wide button on the right hand side of my blog.  When more than one shop is featured positions will be rotated for exposure.

You provide the button code to me and I will post.
If you do not have a button you will need to provide a legible logo in a jpg format that will be shrunk to fit and your link.

I am not responsible for image quality or broken links.  I will post what you send as is.

Your image must be family friendly.

Note your ad will be posted 1-3 business days upon submitting your button code or link and image.  I will email confirmation to the email you use to submit your information.

Any questions please contact me at ButterflyInTheAtticPhotography[at]gmail[dot]com

Purchase your Advertising via PayPal here:

Number of weeks


Pamela Baker said...

Hi Colleen

How would one pay $1/wk? Would it be easier to charge per month like $4/mo?

Also, didn’t understand what you meant by ....button. How about a URL? I find with my IPad I cannot copy pics. My son promised to see if he could figure out something tonight. Total pain. Anyone else reading this,if you are using an IPad, any suggestions are welcome.
My laptop totally crashed this week,so I lost a lot of pics, andi it takes 2x as long to type!

diane@Daisyblu said...

Hi Colleen,
I just purchased 4 weeks of advertising thru the link.
Do most people promote an individual item or a shop as a whole?

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Hi Pam,

See my button duplicates the $1 $1.00 sorry about that
It is 1 week = $1
2 weeks = $2
3 weeks = $3
4 weeks = $4

You would select whichever one reflects how long you want the add to run
Then just email me the link that you want me to add and the picture

I basically just create a simple button that links to your shop or item. It is up to you where you want it to link to :)

I will promote periodically and any promotion in return and of others is great but not mandatory

Thanks for your interest