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This page is a directory of sites that are used for social marketing, apps for marketing, and other tools that small businesses may find helpful.  Note: I have not tried all of these so you will need to explore them yourselves and there is no guarantee.  The sites I have tried myself will have a ❦  next to it.

I will be updating this page frequently as I get information and find more tools myself so stop by again.

❦  Has a free version and a "Pro" version.  Hootsuite allows the user to easily schedule their tweets, even use multiple twitter accounts at once, with their click on calendar and time.  Very easy to use

❦   This is an app that allows you to add entire Etsy Treasuries to your G+ and Facebook accounts.  Multiple options on how it will appear and easy to use.   Bazaar Voice looks interesting and has a lot of great features to offer but it does look like it is intended for bigger businesses.  It is a marketing platform that will help you direct traffic to your site.  They state "none too small" but it may end up being cost prohibitive for us little fish.  Gigya is similar to BazaarVoice

❦  This app allows you to embed your beautiful treasury on your blog or other site.  It has a few options but is consistent and functions well.

❦  While I have used this app often in the past I have found that there is a delay between when you create the treasury to when it shows up on the list.  It has also been a bit temperamental in the past.  So I prefer to use the Toastie Studio app.

❦  Use this app to add your Etsy shop to FB.  It is easy use has features where you can change the appearance of the shop front etc.  I have used the free version for a number of years with a so-so result but it is free and there is no real effort added on my part so I can't complain.  I have just tried to run one of there $4 for 1 day promotion and I will keep you posted if I get any more traffic.  Also their pro-features are reasonably priced so I may even try some of those.

❦  This is a wonderful tool that typically people use for link up parties and blog parties.  But I have found that it is quite useful now that they have extended the linkups to never close.  I have several pages set up as "Shop Directories" so that people can list the shops on the appropriate page with the idea that shoppers can now browse the shops.  It is free and a great way to promote each other.  I also use it to create an almost free ecommerce site; using this feature will allow me to categorize and create virtual catalogs for my shop on blogger.  It maybe takes longer to build but it is what I can afford.

❦  This is a link that all of us should be used whenever we post anything.  This will help you determine what tags and keywords you should be using for your listings and posts.  Often you will be surprised at what is the most popular search for your item.

❦  Rebel Mouse pulls together multiple accounts that you may already be posting to; facebook, pinterest, your blog, etc.  you can also add posts, such as new listings, manually.  The thing I really like about Rebel Mouse s even when I totally neglected it and did not manually post anything I still have a lot of traffic coming from it to my shops.  It is well worth the setup time.

❦  This platform is similar to pinterest in that it focuses on the images primarily but it is set up like a magazine.  So essentially you can build your own magazine and pull in anything you would like to be featured on the pages.  The big splashy pages and headlines are very attractive.

❦  Another great image based platform where the user can post their items but also create collections and sets.  Similar to creating a treasury but you are not limited to just using Etsy shops.  Or create collections of your own items to show off.

❦  This is a great site to use to set up automatic retweets for a group.  We use it for out Twitter Tree and have all had great success and can trust it will perform as promised.  Your group will need to decide on a #tag that is exclusive to your group and then everyone will set up their account on Roundteam to recognize and retweet that #tag.  Once it is set up it is pretty much maintenance free.

E-Commerce Sites:

Most of these I have not tried but when I was looking on how I was going to build my shop I would have loved a list of e-commerce sites. I will add more info as I find it.

❦  This one I have tried.  They have a free version strictly for advertising or a blogging type site but you will need to pay for your e-commerce site.  I spent a significant amount of time developing it.  I also spent a ton (for my pockets) of money and had it open for over 8 months with no sales at all.  I am sure it may work for handmades but for me it was a waste.

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