Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aromatherapy Thursday - Jasmine

Last week we talked about Lavender and the relaxing affect it has on our mood, how it helps with sleep and has a calming effect on the mind. I just finished reading an article featured in a back issue of Martha Stewart Living August 2010 on the beautiful fragrance of Jasmine.

It is now known to be more affective in sleep aid and relaxation than Lavender. I am very fond of Lavender but I also adore Jasmine, it has sweet heady smell that reminds me of the gentle breeze of summer. There is no wonder in my mind how it works. To me nothing is more relaxing than those hot summer nights.

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 Some people are extremely sensitive to odors so it is always advisable to try very minute amounts until you are assured there will be no reaction. I am very sensitive to scent not due to allergies but in how they make me feel. Certain scents like Jasmine will quickly help my mind quiet and gives me a more positive, uplifted feeling.

In Aromatherapy Jasmine is noted for the following properties: positive effect on the female system, uplifting, aphrodisiac, relaxing and strong sensual stimulant.

Why not give Jasmine a try; purchase a simple inexpensive but quality soap, potpourri, and sachet or make one of these yourself. I don't know of anyone that couldn't use a good relaxing and restful night.
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 In honor of the Jasmine Flower I created the following treasury. Please check out my fellow Estian's stores. They are wonderful crafters, collectors and artists.

Unfortunately Jasmine oils are not as inexpensive like the Lavender essential oil. But to receive the full benefit you will need to purchase pure essential oil of Jasmine flowers. It will be well worth it since the difference is so profound. You will most certainly be able to distinguish between the soft floral scent of the essential oil and the overly sweet heavy smell of the synthetic.

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Della said...

I have 5 Jasmine plants in my backyard. They get huge and cover the entire fence. I love the smell! Summer wouldn't be the same without my Jasmine!