Thursday, March 24, 2011

Aromatherapy Thursday - Tea Tree

I have noticed as I am out and about many people with the sniffles.  At this time of year I find more susceptible to catching many nasty little bugs and often the air in rooms and around me feels sick.  Tea Tree is a wonderful plant that has a long history as a tea, antifungal, and as a treatment for many different things that require antiseptics.  In fact it is history that Captain Cook used it to fight the scurvy in his crew on their voyages.  
Aromatherapy, of course, focuses is on the plant's effect on a person when they use the plant's essential oils and aroma.
Tea Tree has a pleasant earthy scent that is fresh and clean.  I personally love the scent of tea tree and find it to be very helpful when I am not feeling well.  It is known to be the strongest disinfectant so if used in your "sick" room it does really help clear out the air.  Often when not feeling well I will simply add a few drops to a diffuser or vaporizer and place it in the main rooms of my home.  This is also good after someone in your home has been sick to clear out those bugs from the air and freshen up your home.  
Most of us have experienced the Vicks Vapor rub as a child.  I personally hated it; the greasy paste smelled so strong it burned and felt ice-cold against my feverish skin.  Not to say it doesn't work but I much prefer my own mixture now that I am an adult.  Using sweet almond oil as a carrier (or if you don't have that readily available you can used vegetable oil) add four drops of tea tree oil with one drop of lavender essential oil to two tablespoons of carrier oil.  Use as a rub on the same areas you would use Vicks: the chest, neck and back. It has wonderful properties that sooth and helps fight the bugs you have.  
Most people are not sensitive to the Tea Tree oil, it is a more gentle oil that can be used "neet" like Lavender, but there are always people that are sensitive.  So an allergy test should always be conducted prior to using any essential oil.  Place a small drop of the oil on the wrist and check for any reddening or reaction for 24 hours.  Of course if there is a reaction or reddening do not use.  Always be conscious of those that have respiratory issues whenever using aroma therapy, what may help some people can increase another's health issues.  And by no means should aromatherapy take the place of medical treatment prescribed by your physician or take the place of a doctor's visit.

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CremeMagnolia said...

I use tea tree oil EVERY day! I mix a bottle of bath oil and a few drops of tea tree and keep it in my shower. It helps with any skin issues and during the winter months works with the bath oil to keep me soft AND healthy!

Della said...

I keep this around, too. It does have a wonderful, earthy scent!

My Inspired Reality said...

So glad to have found you, looks like there are so many goodies in your shop:)