Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beauty Is In The Details - Soap Containers

Many of us have a theme to our home.  At one time my entire house was done in an old Victorian style since the home was from the late 1800's and the design fit.  I personally love the Victorian style of decorating; there are many rich tones and patterns, lace and doilies, it makes for a collector's haven. 
I picked up a little soap dish the other day that reminded me how important every detail is.  I am not sure if you are fan of Martha Stewart or not, personally I am, aside from that a number of years ago she had a side conversation with her guest on Martha Stewart Living.  It was a 2 second answer that left a large impact on my decorating style.  Her guest asked what she would do if she saw a dish detergent bottle sitting out on someone’s sink and she replied she would gift them a decorative bottle.  She showed a lovely vintage vinaigrette cruet with a rubber stopper.  At that moment I realized how right she was and what a difference two more seconds to fill up a fine bottle with detergent would make.  I have since then replaced my soap bottles with a decorative container of a variety shapes and sizes.  Not only does this make your sink area look beautiful it can have a positive impact on the environment.  You will be more likely to buy the environmentally friendly packaging (usually a refill pack) because you will be transferring it into a reusable decorative container.  I have a few examples from fellow Estians that I would like to share below.
From Willow Tree Pottery

From Just Smashing Darling's Shop
I also have taken that simple conversation Martha Steward had and expanded it to other areas of my home.  In my bathroom we use a vintage dish to store our bar soap and a decorative hand soap pump.  This is my most recent find that will go into my store for someone else to enjoy.

The photo is featuring Soap Deli's Banana Oatmeal bar.

Not only are the soap dishes important so is the soap.  I spend a significant amount of time trying to find just the right scent for my liquid hand soap and equally long to find the right bar soap.  I want them to be both functional and eye appealing.  I have found a high quality and lovely bar soap from an ESTY store called SoapDeli.  I purchased her Tequila Sour Salt Bar and absolutely love, it along with her Banana Oatmeal Salt Bar; I have attached her information in case anyone else is interested in purchasing a lovely item from her also.

I find that when life is stressful or more serious than we are comfortable with that the more we can surround ourselves with positive things the better we feel.  They are just items, but we live with them and combined can create a powerful energy in our home.  We should make conscious choices when picking out even the everyday items, focusing on how it makes us feel when we touch it, smell it, look at it.  Never chose items based on how you think others will respond because you have to live with it.  Taking time to care for ourselves will make us happier and thus more efficient.
So to all of you have a beautiful day full of fine details and comforts.


julie cavender said...

I think it's so important to have nice things around us. And the little details definitely add up to a big impact. Thanks for having my cruet on your lovely blog!

Kathryn Dyche said...

Great finds, I love that first one.

CremeMagnolia said...

What a wonderful idea and I'm happy you shared it today!

Playing with Shells said...

I love the cruet. Great idea to use it for soap! I must have missed that episode of Martha.

I found you on the EtsyBlogTeam :D