Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Aniversary of The Titanic

This amazing print on canvas was created by an artist that has a family history from the Titanic.
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On April 10, 1912 over 2000 people boarded the largest ship built for a luxurious trip overseas from Southampton, England to New York.  The ship was boasted as "unsinkable" constructed with the newest technology and the protection of the double skinned hull.  The ship was a floating luxury hotel; it had fine dining, a gymnasium, saloons, a library, and much more.  The ship was staffed with over eight hundred employees to cater to the passengers every need, except of course one. 
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The ship stops in Cherbourg the same day and Queenstown the next, where more passengers board and then the Titanic crew sets course unaware of the fate that lay before them.  April 14, 1912 the "unsinkable" ship hits an iceberg around midnight.  They built this ship for luxury and speed and spent much effort lavishing their guests with the best that money could buy but overlooking something, in hindsight, seems so basic.  The creators of the Titanic, so confident that this ship was truly unsinkable, did not provide their guests with the simplest comp; enough lifesaving boats.
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In the early hours of April 15th the band played as the Titanic, along with all but just over seven hundred of passengers and crew, meet their fate at the bottom of the frozen ocean.  Survivors clinging to life, the situation surreal, most likely unbelieving what had just happened even as they are wet and exposed to the elements.

This sad tragedy has had an impact on people for decades upon decades.  Many, including myself, that have no personal connection to this event continue to be fascinated by the details and carry the memories of those lost onto the next generation.  Perhaps it is partly due to the lavish manor that the ship was built along with the wealth of some and the mystery of others that were aboard but also due to the irony that the "unsinkable" ship met its demise on its maiden voyage. 
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Although this event had such great loss it has been the inspiration for many beautiful stories based on memoirs and accounts from survivors.  The latest movie about the Titanic was one that rejuvenated the interest for younger generations and created a new wave of romanticizing this period in history.  I too romanticize about the beauty and grace of the women from that period, the gentlemen dressed so dashingly and the luxuries that were found on that ship. 

Antique 1st edition book on the Titanic found at ETSY Shop New Life Wood Works at  http://www.etsy.com/shop/NewLifeWoodWorks?ref=seller_info
The following treasuries are created with inspiration from remembering the beauty and tragedy of the Titanic.

The Titanic April 10 - 15, 1912

The Beauty of The Titanic

The Icy Blue Depth...


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Love that gorgeous dress and the Icy Blue Depth treasury. Both are eerily beautiful!

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Great treasuries and tribute to such a fascinating historical event.

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What a great post. There is a giant titanic website (I can't remember the name) that has an archive of all the first hand accounts of the sinking. I read them for hours.

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Thank you so much for including my dress in your wonderful tribute about the Titanic and all the lives lost at sea. What a beautiful and thoughtful blog!

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Never again shall we consider anything/vessel unsinkable