Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hand Giveaways Post and Great Treasuries

Well here we are at Sunday and many of us are winding down the weekend.  I would like to ask everyone to check out the Hand Giveaways Post and click on each item.  For every 50 clicks that people make the participants (myself included) have additional opportunity to have at winning an advertising spot.  Also if you are an Etsian yourself there is still time to add your handmade item to the group.  Lots of fun. 


Here are some of the newest treasuries that I have had the honor of being included in:
It is always fun to see what other shops are doing.  They sell just about everything on ETSY so I have been finding myself ordering more and more of my everyday needs there.  I am especially hooked on the lip balms due to the dry West Coast air.  But I must say their jewelry and bath products are also phenomenal!

This one features my Vintage Amber Goblets...

Features my beautiful Antique Easter Postcard...

These are some of the fun BNR that are currently running.  Please stop by and check them out and look for our special promotions that many of us are offering. My offer is good throughout my shop.

Featuring my sweet little vintage Correle Corningware Creamer with Buttercup pattern

Features my vintage owl honey cute!

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