Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Hump Day!!!! Wednesday Treasury Madness

Well I think that I am losing it with all the packing and organizing, planning and not knowing....I hate moving.   I especially hate moving any significant distance because it makes it so much more complicated.   If I have all my hair when I arrive in the beginning of June it will be a miracle.

But today is Hump Day!  Which means for many of us we have made it half way there and yes we can finish off the rest of the work week.  So in honor of hump day I solute our pal, the camel, for who every day is a hump day. 
Let's take a peak at what old Humphrey the Camel is up to lately...
Here you will find Humphrey just lazing around with his pal on safari
This wonderful wood set was found in ETSY shop Relics at
Here Humphrey was awkwardly caught discussing Howard's behavior at the Oasis the night before.  Manny found it terribly funny but didn't tell him that Howard was right behind him until Humphrey heard his sandy footsteps. 
This wonderful Antique Chromolithograph from 1886 was found on ETSY shop BananaStrudel at
Well...All his friends were doing it and he thought it looked cool on them.  But then when mom seen it, wow!! now he just wears a plain harness.
This amazing Camel Portrait was found in ETSY shop Hakosem at
When Humphrey saw this figurine caricature of himself he wanted royalties, but his lawyer said that it would be tied up in litigation so long that it wouldn't make it worth his while.  Humphrey was disappointed but he still has his job carrying grain through the desert.
These wonderful Brass Figures can be found in ETSY shop J Love Supreme at
And last here is Humphery posing for his dating site picture.  Ladies...he loves bright summer days and long lazy walks.  He is sensitive and feels that his best features are his eye lashes.
This sweet photograph was found on ETSY shop Bee Hive Studio at

(Thanks for putting up with my corniness I told you I was losing it.)


Admin said...

Great blog and I'm so glad you featured my camel!

HaveFaithBelieve said...

Love all the camels. Great items.