Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wool - A Rich Gift From Nature - Here's To Our Sheep

For thousands of years mankind has had a give and take relationship with this peaceful creature.  The image of a lamb lying in the meadow is an image of tranquility for most.  Since Biblical times and longer man has provided protection for this humble animal and it has provided many of human kinds essentials. 

Wool had been the primary material used for garments in many cultures for centuries.  Then, the dawn of industry and technology presented to us a number of different textiles and blends to create our clothing and accessories.  Their bright colors, their promise to be flame retardant and softer had lured us away from our traditional fabrics.  Unfortunately we have learned that many of the wonderful traits toted by the manufactures have been linked to causing a gamut of diseases including cancer. 

We bathe ourselves with chemicals, consume mountains of processed and altered foods and don chemically treated materials for years and then wonder why we see an increase of these horrible diseases.   There is much kudos to be given to the people who provide wool and work with it:  spinning, weaving, felting, knitting and more.  Their beautiful artistry has revived this nearly forgotten resource and has brought this natural material back into many of our lives.

While I also enjoy modern technology and what it has to offer, I believe that we should always keep in mind what we are exposing ourselves to.  We should try to minimalize our exposure things that are not natural.  So, I have been choosing more natural and handmade items for me (practice what you preach.)  Not only does this help me prevent some of the exposure to the carcinogens found in manmade materials but it also supports independent farmers, artists, and crafters.
Here are some beautiful items I have found made from wool.


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Junelle Jacobsen said...

Oh my goodness! This is a treasure trove of lovelies! I am like you, a lover of the sheep and hope to help in some way to preserve their place in our busy lives. You have done such a beautiful job of highlighting the sweet, colorful, helpful, and necessary goodness that they offer.

This is just beautiful~

joannafelt said...

fantastic collection! thanks !!!

Gina said...

Gorgeous wool things!! And fantastic colours. :o)