Monday, June 27, 2011

Childhood Reminisce ~ Happy Birthday Captain Kangaroo
A whimsical Print found in ETSY Shop Duck and Cover Shop at
Today is Captain Kangaroo's birthday! Unfortunately many of our younger generations will never know the kind spirit of his television show. 
This wonderful Vintage Puzzle was found in ETSY Shop, Pam's Craft, at

The Captain Kangaroo Show truly taught a message that was wholesome and did not include bodily functions. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a good Sponge Bob episode just like the next kid but I do get an intense feeling of nostalgia when I think of his show along with the old version of Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers.
A wonderful little piece of
Memorabilia handmade by ETSY Shop The Maitland's at
This very creative piece of work was found on ETSY Shop Eisner Art at
As a child I hated to hear adults say "the world is certainly a different place" or "you live in a different world..." but now I find myself thinking those exact statements today. I am sure that the new "normal" is perfectly fine for this upcoming generation; I just miss the days when we were easily entertained by a Muppet or a moose with ping pong balls falling on his head.
I still love little Lamb Chop.  This sweet little creature can be found in ETSY Shop GatorMom13 at
This early Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop Golden Book was found on ETSY shop Apple Charlotte
So in honor of Captain Kangaroo let’s travel back in time and celebrate childhood innocence and public broadcasting. XOXOXO~PBS and Children's Television.

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