Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane...Almost. But Here Are My Top Dream Vacations Anyways

So I'm stuck in the airport waiting for a broken plane. It is especially disappointing since I have been away from my Husband for a week and was really looking forward to getting home. I will officially have been without sleep for 24 hours. I want to go home!!!! Anyway I still love to travel.
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Most everyone I know has had dreams of grand vacations and trips to lands far away. As I have mentioned in prior posts the root of my travel bug stems from looking at the postcards I was given as a child. One of my childhood dreams was Disney Land.
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Not only did I have the postcards with brightly colored images of wild rides and characters but I had the Mickey Mouse Club.
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I wanted to be a Mouseketeer so bad. Needless to say I was never featured on that show, but I have been blessed to have seen both Disney World and Disney Land.
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Now I sit here still dreaming of my grand adventures and since I was able to fill that childhood dream of Disney Land I have high hopes that my others will come true too. So here is to dreams and faraway lands...My Top Five Dream Vacations...
Number 1 - Baden Baden Germany - Land of my ancestors; home of my Grandfather.
From my personal collection of Antique Postcards
Number 2 - Africa - In a book by Carl Jung (a brilliant psychologist from the early 1900's) he writes about a trip to Kenya, Uganda and other parts of East Africa. While traveling with a nomadic tribe through the Savannah after a while he felt time stands still. There were no deadlines, no clocks to tell you that you were late just the sun. They rose and retired with the sun. As I watch my life speed pass I would love to have that moment where time stands still.
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Number 3 - Viterbo Italy - I graduated from Viterbo University. The University of Viterbo has a rich history of its own and was given the name Viterbo as a tribute to the home country of the Franciscan Sisters that founded the school. The city also has a beautiful and rich history. While there I would include a visit to the traditional American travel favorites of Florence and Rome.
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Number 4 - The Macy's Parade in New York - My husband's and my favorite movie (even before we met each other) has been the Christmas classic, Miracle on 34th Street. I have always wanted to watch the Macy's Parade from a hotel window or balcony.
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Number 5 - Cape Cod - As a teen my family would watch Murder She Wrote. It also seemed to be a trend to write mystery books in that same setting. I was a big fan of Mary Higgins Clark and one of her first books was written with the Cape as the setting.
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I would love to hear from you about your Dream Vacation, please make a comment with a note of where you dream to go. I may blog about the top 5 favorites if at least 5 people comment. So spread the word. Have a wonderful and peaceful night.


SisterBatik said...

Oh, I am completely wanderlust and there are too many places yet to visit! I loved this post and the wonderful finds you have shared. Hope you get on that plane soon!

Russ Potak said...

Murder She Wrote? We have all of the episodes on DVD. LOL! One of those shows that typifies the New England Coast where all murder mysteries should occur if they're of any worth. And need I say, Cape Cod, is one of my favorite places to usher in the creative process. Being a painter, I find it full of inspiration and subject matter. My notebooks full of sketches ready to transfer onto the canvas from my many visits.
Thanks for including my painting in your wonderful blog. It sends me off to places in my mind just reading it. But, .. there's no place like the Cape!

ddb7 said...

a trip down memory lane. love your presentation.