Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!!! Memories of Fireworks and Fourth of July Celebrations

This beautiful 4th of July decoration was found in ETSY Shop Slippin'Southern at
Happy Independence Day!!! Oh how I love the holidays; I was blessed to have had holiday traditions growing up and to create new family traditions with my children. Each July 4th started with a wonderful daytime picnic including a barbeque, watermelon and lemonade. Then At night a home firework show, some sparklers, and chasing fireflies.
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We would make handmade lanterns and decorations to add to the festivities and build the excitement for the upcoming events.
These amazing upcycled vintage jars are made into whimsical solar lights.  Found in ETSY shop Used and Abused at
As a child it was so exhilarating to feel the hot summer night air and know that you were staying up way past your normal bedtime.  I passed this on to my children when they were little and as I listen to their happy giggles I would reminisce. Some nights it would be so dark that you would only see their shadow as they ran by chasing the little lightening bugs up and down the hill.
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Another beautiful picture with an unusual medium found in ETSY shop Original Fabric on Wood Art by Shellie Mitchell at
Our family's celebrations were always small and often at home, but they were the best any child or mother could ask for. They were full of love and the genuine simple pleasures of life. I hope your holiday is as happy and as full of special memories as are mine.
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