Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aromatherapy Thursday ~ Scent Memories ~ Apple

I think the reason I love Aromatherapy and creating natural products is due to beautiful scent memories.  It is September 1st and my thoughts wonder back trough scent memories of summer's erasers, new shoes, pencil shavings..  Needless to say these are not exactly a potpourri fragrance, but the wonderful fragrance of a hot apple pie cooling in the kitchen is. 
This wonderful fragrance oil was found at ETSY shop Adamsboro Sundries at
Most of my life I have lived in the same area of the Midwest next door to an apple orchard called Shefelbines.  Every weekend we would go to their wonderful little home based store and pick out the fruits for the week.  They had little samples of their many many different apples along with a variety of beautiful pumpkins, gourds, and squash.  Even if I grew our own pumpkins the festivity of their shop was so enticing that I would have to fight the urge to purchase another.  The scent of crisp fresh apples filled my lungs and would remind me that the crisp autumn months are just around the corner.  Now and forever the scent of apples and the month of September will be partners. 

I have since moved away and the trips to the homey apple orchard are a distant memory.  So the first week of September I switch out all of my summer candles, potpourri, and oils to an apple cinnamon.  A sweet melancholy comes over me.  I enjoy this phase in my life but I miss the days when they were little and all the joyous moments we had.  That chapter has closed but I love to reread those pages about our trips to the Shefelbine's Apple Orchard; the memory of the sweet scent of crisp apples still fills my senses.
This beautiful print was found at ETSY shop Vickie Wade Fine Art at


Heidi Ann said...

That apple pie looks so good I can almost taste it.
I WANT to taste it.
Your Etsy Treasury is fabulous!
Thank you for including my little apple hook.

Past Enchantmments said...

What a delicious ode to the apple. I'm honored to have been included in your treasury.