Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday's Gem - Rose Quartz

Since the color pink is my absolute favorite color, Rose Quartz is also on the list of one of my favorite semiprecious gem stones.  This mineral is commonly found in the US and all of the world since it is volcanic glass but there are only a few areas that have larger noted deposits of this stone.  What makes Rose Quartz different from other quartz is the pink color which comes from trace elements of titanium or manganese that was available at the time of formation.  California is one area that has a notable deposit and is reputed to have some very good quality and deep pink colored stones.  The stones that we typically see for sale at gem and mineral shows are from areas such as Madagascar, Brazil and there is also some that come from Germany. 

This raw Rose Quartz is from ETSY Shop Autumn Star Moon at
Rose Quartz is usually in a massive form which is unlike other quartz that form variable sizes of pointed crystals.  It is very rare to find a piece of Rose Quartz as a well formed crystal.   Because of this feature Rose Quartz is  more often used as beads and cabochons in jewelry making.  The most common specimens have a little bit of a milky or opaque quality to them so Rose Quartz is usually not faceted but some pieces do have that gem quality and can be used for fine jewelry. 

Rose Quartz is very brittle so when working with it you must keep this in mind.  Some times quartz will have inclusions (minerals that are not part of the main stone) that often will make the specimen perfect for a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. 

Rose Quartz is also used for spiritual purposes; the stone is said to bring positive energy and to help heal the body and mind.  When purchasing Rose Quartz as a spiritual tool you should "cleanse" the stone first prior to using.  To cleanse the stone you use one of the four elements - fire, water, earth, or wind.  The easiest method that I find is to use sea salt in a deep container and I place the rocks into the salt and seal it for at least 24 hours.  You can also use dirt (messier), water (may damage some stones but not the quartz) or pass it through the smoke from a lit candle.  There are many sites that will provide significant more detailed information on how to cleanse your stone this is just a snippet. 

You also need to "charge" your stone, which can be as simple as leaving it on the window sill in the sunlight for at least 24 hours.  Again googling this will provide much more detailed information that this.  But you also will have to cleanse and recharge your stones often for them to be affective.  I even do this with my jewelry that is made out of real stone.  Especially after I first purchase it, who would want another person's energy or Karma?  My methods are just suggestions there are many other ways to cleanse and charge your crystals.  This site will get you a great start if you are interested in the energy from crystals:
Here are some examples of beautiful Rose Quartz specimens and jewelry:


SuziesImaginarium said...

Love this, Stone is amazing as it is turned into jewelry!

DeanneW said...

I loved reading about the "History" of the stones, not just how we make them into jewelry. Thanks again for featuring my earrings in your beautiful treasury!

Sara said...

So many gorgeous finds!

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Beautiful treasuries! Thanks for sharing facts about the Rose Quartz. Very interesting.