Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Meet and Greet the Members of the Pacific Postcards Team - Spoonfed Vintage by Muymono

Today's teammember is located in Spain with a wonderful shop named Spoonfed Vintage handpicked by Muymono, but can be searched by simply Muymono.
Muymono's shop not only carries a lovely assortment of postcards but also has a mixture of other beautiful and rare vintage items.  Even more lovelier is that if you are shopping in the US or anywhere else (aside from Spain) these handpicked items will most likely be one of a kind.  By shopping Muymono's we get a chance to visit a little piece of Spain's history, I find that very exciting.

Since one of the very few requirements in belonging to the Pacific Postcards Team is to have 25% of your shop designated to postcards I will be focusing on Muymono's beautiful selection of cards.  Many of her postcards feature beautiful soft images of women and children, such as this one:
She has others that feature scenes depicting everyday life of an Edwardian family and some extremely cute kittens (you all know how much I love cats.)  Here are a some of my favorites from the collection:

I absolutely love her fun profile!  I can just imagine her skipping class to look for antiques, sounds like something I would have done.
Muynono's profile -
Born collector and vintage enthusiast!

Since my student days in vibrant Glasgow, I developed a passion for the vintage and the antique and for the worn and the wretched items of yesteryear.

I visited more vintage shops than classrooms but graduated with a Masters in History of Art. Currently a freelance designer, I have recently decided to move abroad and have to part with a large part of my treasured collection, there is simply no container big enough to transport my decades of antique and vintage finds!

I source my items from vintage fairs, estate sales, markets and elder relatives and their buddies. I have carefully chosen contacts in France and Germany that provide me with authentic vintage lace, millinery and other special items.

I live in Picasso's birthplace, Malaga - in sunny Andalucia, where I have dedicated pet-free studio and etsy treasure trove. I share my home with my man and my two cats- 13 year old Cola and her nemesis 1 year old Uno, my little Singapura boy. ~Muynono

Thank you Muynono for being a part of the Pacific Postcards Team. 

If you are interested in joining the Pacific Postcards Team please go to: click on "Join Team"  Fill out the simple application and we will respond quickly, I promise.

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