Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Totally Postcard Tuesday - An Odd Pair

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The two postcards I have to show today seem to have a very odd subject matter; Anatomy.  They are based off of Rembrandt's painting,  Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp of 1632.  The painting was done in manner to invoke a sense of drama to the viewer, it was not just for documentary purposes.  Obviously since there were postcards made from the very painting dating in the early 1900's people did find this painting to be just that, dramatic. 

Coming from a science background and with some knowledge of just how autopsies were preformed in that day I don't find it to be completely disturbing.  But with that being said I could not imagine having a print of this hanging in my living room.  The intrigue with this painting has not died down even to this day; upon doing some research I found several Ipod skins, laptop covers, mouse pads, book marks and more using this very image.

The amazing thing to me is not only did I find these great and unique vintage postcards but I found a vintage book on Rembrandt that has the very painting in among the pages.  It was wonderful chance happening that has become useful in identifying the cards since I am not very fluent in art. 

Here is the image from the book:

Here is the book if you are interested:

And now the Odd Pair:

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