Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Treasured Wednesday

What a wonderful Wednesday; one week before the Fourth of July!
This beautiful Trading Card can be purchased from ArtFire shop LDPhotography at
Since Wednesday typically is the middle of the work week for most of us I think having a nice "Kicked-Back" day would be in order.  You made it through half the week but you still have half to go.  What would be a better way to start off a Wednesday morning than starting with some ETSY/ArtFire eye candy?  Maybe a sale or promo?  I am going to start using Wednesday to feature some of the wonderfully curated Treasuries I find on ETSY and Collections that I find on Artfire.  Maybe I will sprinkle in some of my favorite items and Artists into the mix too. 

Just a quick note about next week.  As I have been excitedly mentioning in most of my posts, I am getting married on the Fourth of July.  That means a honeymoon, so no matter where we are at I have promised my hubby-to-be that I would not pickup a laptop and I will leave all electronics at home.  I can't even sneak down to the computers at 1 am he will probably put a trip alarm by the bedroom door.  With that being said I will not be posting from July 3rd through July 11th, my posting will resume with Tuesday's Twitter Tree.  I hope everyone has the best Fourth and enjoys their families and friends. 

Now onto my Kudos to the great Artists and Curators I find on Etsy and Artfire:

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Shadow Dog Designs said...

Thank you so much for featuring "Bright and Beautiful Summer Flowers" in this post! This collection is one of my all time favorites that I have pulled together - it just makes me happy whenever I look at it :)

And CONGRATULATIONS! What a wonderful time to get married! Wishing you and your husband-to-be a long, happy life together.