Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Twitter Tree

The Twitter Tree© will is hosted by a different shop each business day.
The Rules to participate:

You must tweet ALL the other posts here.
(It is not fair to those of us who tweet your items, when you don't reciprocate)
Only two (2) hashtags

Check back during the day to tweet any new posts.
Post only two (2) items.
No google+ stuff. This is the Twitter Tree©
Add your Twitter ID to your post (mine is @butterflysattic)

No "mature" items.
My Items:

Set 12 #Postcards Stationery Cute Puppies to correspond  postcardsintheattic http://etsy.me/xYrGiv @Etsy #handmadebot @butterflysattic #retwt

Beautiful Antique #Postcard White Rose Birthday Card by postcardsintheattic http://etsy.me/KlRLYk via @Etsy #Etsybot2 @butterflysattic #retwt
I would like to invite anyone interested in postcards to join the Pacific Postcards Team on ETSY at
and click "apply."
If you are interested in becoming a leader convo me.

Note: I will tweet until 5:15 am Pacific time and then I will be back after work around 5:00 pm to tweet again.


Eluna Jewelry said...

I will tweet when I get to work.

New!!! Pink Cats Eye Cuff Bracelet by ElunaJewelry http://etsy.me/KKDEw3 via @Etsy #retwt #fashion

Beautiful and Lightweight Small Silver Hoop Earrings by ElunaJewelry http://etsy.me/vgAWfA via @Etsy #retwt #shophandmade

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Tweeted up to here so far:)

Christie Cottage said...

Good morning

My items
Turquoise Beaded Earrings - Recycled Beads #USA @ChristieCottage - Jewelry on ArtFire... #artfire http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/4757554 #Retwt #handmadeBot

LAST CHANCE Enter to win @christiecottage Blog http://tinyurl.com/73rtbsd #retwt

and please stop by and comment on today's blog feature


Christie Cottage said...


Ring Box, Heart shape, mahogany TRocheWoodDesigns - Woodworking on ArtFire... #artfire http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/trochewooddesigns/2929359/ @piesafetommy #retwt

Coasters, FROGS< Matching set of 2 | TRocheWoodDesigns - Housewares on ArtFire... #artfire http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/trochewooddesigns/2935499/ @piesafetommy #retwt


Beau's Bits and Bobs said...


here are mine

Very Berry Braided Friendship Bracelet by @beausbitsandbob
http://tinyurl.com/7zgyyhz #retwt # #boebot

Give your babies toes a treat! Cute Pink Baby Booties 0 to 3months by @beausbitsandbob http://tinyurl.com/c93weuz #retwt #handmadebot

Happy Sales!

Beau's Bits and Bobs said...

All Tweeted!!

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Tweeted everyone and was able (after fighting with twuffer for an hour) to schedule everyone at least 2xs today.

Tweet more when I am home from work

Happy Sales!!!


Unknown said...

Good morning everyone! Today will be spent deciding what to list, what to pack up for a tag sale, and what really just should go to Goodwill. Oh, fun!

Beautiful Hand Painted Milk Glass Candle Holders with Roses by GotMilkGlassAndMore http://etsy.me/KKAV5I via @Etsy #retwt #ecochic

Very cute #Vintage Milk Glass Leaf Dishes by GotMilkGlassAndMore http://etsy.me/KXIfJD via @Etsy #retwt #ecochic

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Running really late but was able to tweet Got Milk Glass'

Good luck everyone

Pamela Baker said...

My Tuesday Tweets:
Necklace GerberDaisy Flowered Pendant on by MagdaleneJewels http://etsy.me/oiSXTu via @Etsy#retwt#polymerclay

Earrings of Dark Topaz Briolettes wMocca by MagdaleneJewels http://etsy.me/wvozLM via @Etsy#retwt#crystals

Julie L. Cleveland said...

Good Morning all

Here are my two offerings for the day:

Beads Tube Polymer Clay Stripe Handmade Teal by polymerclaybeads http://etsy.me/Kir6tM via @Etsy #retwt #handmadebot

Orange Bead Kit Eyeglass Leash Polymer Clay Striped by polymerclaybeads http://etsy.me/KfXEEy via @Etsy #retwt #handmadebot

Happy sales to all
Julie and Blu

Jenni said...

Good Morning!

Here are my tweets for this lovely day:

*NEW hair bow for the Summer* Red White and Blue Bow Tie Hair Bow by @hannahmia01 http://etsy.me/L0hGmR via @Etsy #retwt #4thofjuly

So Lovely and Fun! Red Ribbon Flower Headband by @hannahmia01 http://etsy.me/s1PUlj via @Etsy #retwt

I will be sure to check back throughout the day. Have a wonderful day!

SuziesImaginarium said...

Good morning!!

Here are my tweets:

Little #girls love #purses just as much as #mommy's do http://tinyurl.com/7w4f9ya #retwt #handmadebot

Did you have a favorite #blanket when you were little? http://tinyurl.com/cljwja5 #retwt #handmadebot

Beau's Bits and Bobs said...

Tweeted to jenni !!

Beau's Bits and Bobs said...

Got suzies !

ChocolateDogStudio said...

You need a lace draped cup sleeve for someone in your life https://www.etsy.com/listing/101420096/coffee-cup-sleeve-coffee-cup-cozy-fabric #handmadebot #shopetsy

Beautiful paisley French Press Cozy http://www.etsy.com/listing/94626540/french-press-coffee-pot-cozy-french #handmadebot #shopetsy

Christie Cottage said...

Everyone is tweeted thru this post


ChocolateDogStudio said...

Tweeted down to me! See you all later,
I will try to retweet twice today!

Eluna Jewelry said...

Tweeted and scheduled all so far.

SuziesImaginarium said...

tweeted thru eluna

Unknown said...

Hey, the candlesticks I asked you all to tweet about today just sold!! YEA!! Thanks for your help!!!!

Unknown said...

Good Morning.Hope everyone had a good sleep :-)

Here are my listings:

Tiger Eye Stud Earrings @dragonflyridge http://etsy.me/IFvhRT via @Etsy #handmadeBot #retwt

Perfect 4 Dad-Copper Celtic Tree of Life Necklace @DragonflyRidge http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/dragonflyridge/3646880 #fathersday #retwt

Many Thanks....tweeting

Unknown said...

Wow what a morning already. You all are getting lots of exposure from me this morning. I accidentally tweeted last Tuesdays tweets as well. Only thing that tipped me off that I was on the wrong page was when I saw my own post :p. Needless to say I am fixing my Tuesday bookmark.

Long and short of it, I have everyone tweeted and scheduled this week and last week posts.

here are mine

Beatrix Potter Soft Toy Heirloom by ToyBoxflameOfsilver http://etsy.me/KpcieJ via @Etsy @flameofsilver #retwt #shopetsy

Beatrix Potter Hedgehog Plush Softie by ToyBoxflameOfsilver http://etsy.me/JkPfSw via @Etsy @flameofsilver #handmadetoys

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I am doing really lousy with this today. I tried commenting earlier today and I thought it went through, but it didn't. I have tweeted and scheduled everyone and here are mine

Beatrix Potter Soft Toy Heirloom by ToyBoxflameOfsilver http://etsy.me/KpcieJ via @Etsy @flameofsilver #retwt #shopetsy

Beatrix Potter Hedgehog Plush Softie by ToyBoxflameOfsilver http://etsy.me/JkPfSw via @Etsy @flameofsilver #retwt #handmadetoys

Beau's Bits and Bobs said...

All tweeted

Unknown said...

Checked back nothing new. See you tomorrow!

SuziesImaginarium said...

Scheduled or tweeted everyone...c u tomorry

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Tweeted everyone and will retwt later if I get a chance.
Thanks all