Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's Saturday! I Have The Beach On My Mind

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It’s Saturday and I don’t really feel like talking about rocks this morning.  I have had the beach life on my mind all week so let’s find some shells.  There is nothing like beachcombing the shore of an abundant beach.  Unfortunately Pismo has so many aggressive seagulls that smash and bash the shells trying to get out the meaty little morsels that the wonderful sand dollars are usually only pieces.   I did find just a couple of nice shells while on our honeymoon but it was also more challenging because there were so many more people there over the holiday.
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Seashells, just like postcards, have always symbolized travel to me.  I would collect as many as I could as a kid and people would even gift them to me when they would come back from their adventures.  I would love to look at them and dream about what wonderful salt water creature lived in them and dream about walking on the beach and seeing for myself all of these amazing shells.  It had taken me until I was well into my 30’s to walk along a real ocean shoreline but I am so blessed now to finally be in an area that is only a drive away from the Western Coast line.
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Unfortunately I have found that finding shells are not quite as easy as in my dreams and that some beaches do not yield any solid seashells at all.  But it is still the beach and I still get to play in the sand and sun.

So here is to seashells and beach fun; I really hope soon that I won’t just be a visitor but I’ll be living it large on the shores someday!  Go California Lotto!


Unknown said...

Those are really beautiful postcards!!

SeaShellsbySeaShore said...

Very nice post- thank you for including us in the treasury!

Lynda said...

Love the beach- thank you for including my Beach Wish!