Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bodega Birthday Adventure - The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock

After a long wait I made it to Bodega!  And yes for those who took a stab at it, one of my favorite movies is The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock.  As always the pictures does not do the experience justice, so you will just have to go for yourself;) 

As we drove down the road towards Bodega I could smell the Eucalyptus oil from the trees in the hot sun, that must have been how it smelled when they were filming the movie.  The trees are old and would have been there as Melanie (Tippi Hendren, her real name)  drove the Aston Martin down the twisting road to Bodega. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my Birthday Adventure and was able to find a great picture of Alfred Hitchcock with the trained seagulls from that actual filming of the movie.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and get a chance to go yourself. 

If you could take a trip and visit; What is the Film Location from your favorite movie?


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