Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday's Shameless Self Promotion

Crafts and art projects were always a meaningful part of my life as I grew up.  I think my love of buttons and old sewing supplies had been nurtured by the long hours I spent searching through both of my grandmother's sewing boxes and fabrics.  I was very blessed to have such patient grandmothers since it must have been a big nuisance to bring out these large box just for me to dig through.  I imagine that even though I remember being careful they had to go back rearrange the mess I left.
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I was only about 4 or 5 years old when I started dreaming of big projects I would make once I was old enough to have my own supplies.  And now that I am grown I do have my own supplies but they are kept in plastic bins and organizers; unlike the very ornate and decorative sewing boxes I remember from my youth.

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Now that my children are grown I haven't machine stitched anything in years.  Although my poor husband has not seen me sew anything since we met, I will not part with my sewing machine; it still looks like new and it took me years to be able to afford such a treasure.  I had bought it right before I went back to school and my life became much more complex and busy. Prior to that I used a literal antique singer that worked beautifully for simples stitches but weighed about 50 pounds and could only go forwards and backwards.  I do miss the heavy monster because there is definitely something to be admired about that design; it was a work of beauty and art when they created those old machines.

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While I don't sew I still love to carry old sewing supplies in my shop.  It gives me a chance to hang on to a few wonderful childhood memories of old coffee cans filled with buttons, piles of fabric and fancifully decorated sewing boxes with their mysterious hidden compartments.  I hope that my items will excite the creativity in you too.

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