Friday, October 5, 2012

Funny Freaky Friday - My Yankees are in the Playoffs!

It isn't freaky but it sure is fun - The Yankees made it to the playoffs!  I was able to catch the game on Tuesday and all though we had a great lead to start with, I held my breath to the end.  I never count my chickens before they hatch and I've seen some crazy things this season, so I was very relieved with the last out on Boston and we won 14 to 2!  I love the tradition of the Yankees and their rich history makes them fun to collect.

So here is some great Yankees Memorabilia I found on Etsy:

New York Yankees Seats 8x12 Photography Print found in TheBQE at

The Mighty Macs Baseball Book 1972 from FromMaineWithLove at

Vintage Topps Baseball posters from 1970 from PicksFromThePast at

1952 New York Yankees Photo's found in 573rp82 at
Vintage New York Yankees Promo Cup found in DomesticPlatypus at

Derek Jeter Rookie Cards! found in Etsy Shop TFSloan at

1955 World Series Game 7 - Vintage Radio Recording -- Brooklyn Dodgers vs. New York Yankees found in Etsy Shop TheKnotWholeGang at

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