Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Upcycled and Recycled on Etsy - Ice Ice Babe

As I sit freezing my tail off, I wonder if there are any two crazier people.  My husband and I have made it through 4 days of the frozen tundra and have 4 to go.  True we should remember how cold it actually can get in the Midwest but we were still a little surprised by the sub zero temps.  With powdering snow falling right now it is starting to look like the pretty winters I remember.  But as pretty as the frosted trees look I will take my palms.

Even though we are suffering through freezing feet and frozen nose, our hearts are warm with visits with family and friends.  I wish it wouldn't have to be so far in between visits; it has been such a blessing to see them.

Of course since we are inside more than expected I have time to write this little blog and with out further delay here are the lovely upcycled/recycled items I found on Etsy this week.  Enjoy:
Chunky blue ice cube pendant style necklace by Outsider Art Jewelry at

Ice Garden Pageant Necklace by JudyAnn at

Leather Cuff Bracelet by DiBAJewelry at

Handmade Ice Blue Crystal Cocktail Ring By ButterflyInTheAttic at

Recycled Light by Glow828 at

Snow Princess Upcycled Ice Blue Arm Warmers by Dramatique Designs at

Up-Cycled Ice Skates by Handmades By J at

Blue Ice by 406 Upcycled at

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