Monday, March 11, 2013

Meet the New Members Of The Pacific Postcard Team Part 3

Part 3 of Meet the New Members of the Pacific Postcards Team. I just want to say thank you to our members I really appreciate your membership.

Help me welcome:
"Hi-my name is Jill and I live in Ohio with my family which includes a 20 year old Cockatiel and a Boston Terrier pup.
I love my etsy customers who make selling here a fun and always unique experience.
My fellow etsy merchants continually amaze me with their kindness and talents.

I have two shops here on etsy.
Bellamercato is where you will find
ephemera – paper and other wonderful finds for the mixed media artist. Here you may also find a wonderful poster size bookplate to frame. is my vintage goods shop where you will find great collectible items for your home, as well as vintage books.

I am happy to combine shipping and offer international shipping for most items.
Please convo me with any questions or suggestions.

Thanks for stopping by, now….go browse!" ~Jill
"I have been an avid collector of books and ephemera for over 10 years. My main interests are first print and collectors edition vintage comic books, ex libris, postcards in various themes and victorian trade cards.

As I'm not the only collector in the family, our collections have gotten very large and are taking up a significant section of the house (especially books tend to do that). This wasn't an issue until a relative passed away and left us his own collection of ephemera. At that point we noticed that all this was too much to keep, so after a lot of tough decisions I am now letting go of a lot of things.

I hope that the items I offer here will find a new home and will be appreciated as much by their new owner, as they have been in the past." ~Isimaya
Heathered Vintage
Heathered Vintage
"I like anything French or German, anthropomorphic animals, the beach, foreign food labels, kitschy foreign 60s pop, mid-70s chamber-pop, mid-century modern design, hyphens, laughing, scooters, green dresses, and other lovely things.

♥Member of the SF Etsy Street Team!

my other etsy-

Everything is shipped using as much recycled material as possible-- but not tape, obvs."
~Heathered Vintage
Louise & Laureena
Moon Birds Studios
"Welcome to moonbirdstudios! Laureena (daughter) and I (Louise) love to create eco friendly products, bag accessories, Sops (softies), and more. We believe in being as environmentally responsible as possible. Many of our products, the sandwich and snack baggies for example, are reusable. A few, the jeans pocket organizer for instance, are constructed from what we like to call, 'formerly loved' items. We also create some fun things, like the lovable Sops (softies) and the unique purse/bag accessories.
Although we live many miles apart, the wonderful world of technology allows us to communicate almost everyday.
Each of our home studios has a small but unique and inspiring view of the great Canadian northern wilderness. A variety of birds including eagles, owls, and hummingbirds visit each of our properties as do moose, deer, squirrels, even the occasional bear and we love it."~Louise and Laureena Braatz
Kanit Boonwit
"My art influenced by everyday life. I've been sketching daily using pen and pencil everyday in my sketch book with I then transforms into my art works. I currently lives and work in San Francisco, California." ~ Kanit Boonwit

If you are interested on becoming a member of the Pacific Postcards Team please go to this link and click "Apply."

We have 2 different memberships: one is a general membership, for those who love postcards and collecting postcards and the other is designed for shops with at least 25% of their
items listed are postcards.

The only difference in the memberships is that the latter will be included in shop
interviews, BNRs and postcard related activities. We also plan on having activities for
the general memberships. Hope to see you there soon.

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