Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spiritual and Inspirational Sunday - God My Loving Father

I thoroughly enjoy Joel Osteen's sermons and messages; he is positive and up lifting.  Joel often delivers a message that I really need and has directed my faith in a way that has brought me much joy. 

Just like many of us, I grew up in a household were the focus was not so much on "God, the loving father" but "God, He who should be feared."  While respect is a crucial part of any good relationship there has to be a balance and if that balance is missing many other components will also be missing.  When a person only fears God and does things out of the fear of what will happen if they don't, love, trust, joy and rejoice all take a back seat or are even completely absent. 
Me as a kid ;)
In my younger years most of those were missing for me and I acted mostly out of fear for the wrath I might receive if I didn't behave perfectly.  Talk about pressure on the human.  Unfortunately it is has taken me this long to shed many of these old teachings and embrace my God as the loving father He is.  I am truly happier than I have ever been and I find myself wanting to do the same positive things but now it is done not out of fear but for love.  Love the Lord Thy God and Rejoice. 

I hope that you have a very blessed Sunday.

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What a great post! I can totally relate. This post is helping me to get ready to open my ears in a couple hours when we go to church. Thanks for sharing.

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