Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Upcycled Crafts - A Fun DIY Day

Coming from the Midwest I certainly can emphasis with those living back East and going through the monstrous snow storm.  I can remember that while it was a pain I did enjoy the fact that I could excuse myself from work and my kids from school without having to be sick.  Of course as crafters we were always well supply just for those occasions and would immediately plan our day of activities.  So I pray that everyone going through the storm will be safe and comfortable in their homes or place of choice.

I collected a wonderful selection of projects using materials that are maybe around your house already and that involves some upcycling.  Since I am in sunny Cali now, I have no excuse (that I can think of) to stay home and play with glue, so I will have to plan it for another day.   I hope you enjoy the selection.
Upcycle your old glass containers into usable vases
This is a wonderful way to reuse your old glass jars and bottles. They have found a way to stain them that is waterproof and will not wash away when you use it. Here is the link to My Design Fold at
Fabric Bows
Fabric Bows that could be made with upcycled material. I love these! I found the instructions in the blog Where The Buffalo Play at
May be showing an autumn display but these paper bag flowers could make a lovely spring decoration
I found the paper bag flower instructions on APlaceForUs at

This one is more for the kids in the family
I love this idea and it is so simple.  The kids could decorated it for easter putting little blossoms on it and eggs around it.  How cute, yes?  I found this and a few other great ideas on blog, PikadillyCharm, at  A must if you have little ones that are bored.


Holly said...

Your creations are beautiful! I only wish I was that crafty :-)

elise thomas said...

Great crafty finds! I'd like to stay home for a snow day and work on a few ;)

Jenn said...

I love the burlap gift bows, you've found some great ideas!

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JessicaY said...

I love those fabric bows too! Great up cycled craft ideas!

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Jessica ... Come stop by sometime!

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