Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Upcycled & Recycled on Etsy - Tang

Often I forget how much I love the color orange.  I don't usually where orange and currently lack that color in my wardrobe.  After seeing one of Etsy highlighted treasuries I was driven to post everything orange.  I am also thinking that I will need to find myself some orange to where for the summer.  What fun, bright and cheery, Sunny color!  I hope you enjoy my picks this morning.
Mini fabric moth/ orange brooch pin / upcycled textile art from RedTreeDesigns at

Orange Shredded Refashioned Altered Upcycled Slashed Mayhem Cut Tshirt Top by SimpleWisdom - Medium from SimpleWisdom at
ORANGE enamel REVERSIBLE pendant necklace- HANDMADE (vintage) upcycled from UniqueUpcycledJewels at
Vintage upcycled frames set of 4 fiery orange painted floral ornate from JaxandJos at
Metal Sun Wall Sconce Upcycled Oval Wooden Orange Red Pillar Candle Holder from Rinnovato at
Upcycled Orange Crochet Pop Tab Purse from TiaAnaLuisa at
3 Orange Butterflies - Delightful Butterflies - Butterfly Art Printed on Upcycled Vintage Dictionary Paper - 8x10.5 from VintageDictionaryArt at
Upcycled Orange and Purple T-Shirt Flower Barrettes from MonkeyTeeMonkeyDo at

Oh Deer- Upcycled Orange Merino Wool Baby Hat With Green Applique Deer from SheGathers at

Upcycled Orange Wool Sweater Skirt " Crossover " from Prids at
Upcycled Orange Lucite Choker Necklace, Eco-Friendly Jewelry, Boho Jewelry, Layering Necklace from StrawsPinnings at
Upcycled Orange Fantasy Flower HAIR CLIP made of Plastic Water Bottles OOAK from MaryJeansThings at
Upcycled Orange Giraffe ... painted PoP Art from Mama Lisa's Cottage at
Up-cycled Orange Triceratops Planter from ThePDFfiles at
Upcycled Orange M and M T-shirt, Orange M and M Bib from ElsieCreations at
Handmade Large Orange Rose Cocktail Ring - Upcycled from ButterflyInTheAttic at


SarahBeth said...

That moth brooch is really cool and the deer hat is adorable! Orange is such a happy color!

Rinnovato said...

Very nice blog! Thank you so much for including my upcycled wall sconce in your fabulous orange collection! : )

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Good Eye! I love those two also. Orange you glad I post them? LOL

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Glad to, your wall sconce is beautiful!

Jen @ said...

That moth brooch is AMAZING. I adore it so much!!

Unknown said...

Your blog is beautiful! I enjoyed it so much!!

KC said...

I love orange! A little bit goes a long way and always brightens my day! Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful orange beauties (including my necklace). I love that every Wednesday you feature upcycled finds! :) I will definitely be checking your blog often!!!