Sunday, April 28, 2013

Grateful For Our Beautiful World

There is so much turmoil and there are so many things that concern me about our government, society, economy, and overall our future.  But I can still look outside at the mountains and palm trees and think "what a beautiful world."  I am so grateful that.  It helps me realize who's still in control.  God has given us life and such a beautiful planet to live it on.  I truly enjoy life despite all of its issues and I know that He has great things in store for me, my family and all of His children.

Stay forever grateful it is a wonderful feeling to just let that emotion grow inside you.  I love the beauty that surrounds all of us and there still is so much of it we just need to take a minute and actually notice.

I want to capture that beauty and share it; sharing a sign that God is still with us and still has us in His hands.  I truly believe He wants us to enjoy life and not to focus on all of the negative.  Why else would He create something so amazing?

Images, pictures, photographs can never compete with the experience of actually going somewhere and seeing it for yourself.   But there are many artist that come so very close; they draw you in and capture your imagination.  Their imagery pushed me out the door to explore those captured moments for myself, a big part of what made me land in California.

I am taking in everything since we moved to Palm Springs.  It has such a rich history, so much culture and so many amazing events to enjoy... but yet there is still a wildness that goes along with being located in the desert.  What a thrill!
A beautiful Watercolor of a Palm Springs Golf Course from MaryHelmreichWatercolors at
A wonderful vintage Postcard capturing the fun and beauty of Palm Springs that still exists today!  Found in ThePostcardDepot at
Beautiful Photograph capturing the Palms at night found at BreathOfAnAngel at
A Landscape Photograph of Joshua Tree National Park just outside of Palm Springs found in Etsy shop Myan Soffia at
A wonderful Print that captures the wild beauty of the Desert Found in ETaddeiPhotography at

Whenever I feel stressed I try to get to the beach; it clears my mind and just takes away anything that is bothering me.
Beautiful SeaScape Print from InBetweenPhotography at
This beautiful Print was found at Etsy Shop Deeper at

I seen my first dolphins in the ocean (not in an aquarium) at Long Beach a couple weeks ago and they have been on my mind since.  I tried taking a picture but only have a few of just the fin as they are going back into the water (fast little guys.)  There were a couple of different pods swimming together throughout the day, it was one of the coolest things I have seen!  Since I couldn't get the shot I thought I would share this wonderful set of cards I found with you.
A Wonderful Card Set From Randy Ruby Photography at

What beauty do you see?  What makes your heart swell with gratitude?   Please share and if you would like me to post some images from your area email me at ButterflyInTheAttic at yahoo dot com (family friendly of course.)  I would love to share.

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