Monday, April 15, 2013

Meet the New Members Of The Pacific Postcard Team

Reminder:  The deadline to submit your mailing address to participate in the Postcard Swap  for National Postcard Week 2013 is fast approaching.  April 26th will be the last day that I am accepting any new participants, please contact me at ButterflyInTheAttic at yahoo dot com if you want to join in.  It is a lot of fun and you could receive many postcards during postcard week.  For more information go to:

Also one more thing before we start the meet and greet.  I am very proud to announce that ButterflyInTheAttic now has an official form called: Postcard Collector's Forum.  You will be able to post questions about postcards, brag about great finds, and discuss anything postcard related. Go to:
Lil Paws Cottage

"Everything vintage & retro.... book decor, too." ~Judie
Antiques Arcadia
Antiques Arcadia
"My interest in history encouraged my collecting of antiques. I specialize in the world of the Victorian woman and the accessories that she used. I have been actively selling antiques and collectibles for over 35 years which included antique malls, antiques shows from coast to coast and my own shop, The Victorian Lady. My specialties include buttons, sewing tools, textiles, vanity items and my absolute favorite, antique paper,especially valentnes and trade cards. I have been a cat rescuer since I was 10 and now have 4 cats who are fat, sassy and spoiled. Love to read and if it is not a history book then its a murder mystery !" ~Priscilla Washco
The Invisible Kitten
Megan Nuttall
"I'm Megan, an Oregon native living in Brooklyn, NY. I'm a copywriter by day and craft-er by night. To me, few things are more enjoyable than receiving hand-written snail mail. That's why I make greeting cards and postcards for any occasion - getting dumped, national hug day and just to say hi.

Outside of crafts I like cats and pie, separately, not together. Unless the cat is sitting in my lap while I eat the pie, that's actually a wonderful combination." ~Megan Nuttall
My Muse Comes And Goes
Digitally colored illustrations
"I draw i cook and i try to sew..but mostly i day dream ...

Im on Wordpress:

Facebook! " ~Desiree Moquete
All Horse Vintage
All Horse Vintage
Muddy K
"I'm an amateur historian of the horse, always seeking, always discovering, striving to deepen my understanding of this magnificent creature. Click
to learn more.

Comments and corrections are always welcome. Since the shop opened, I've happily discussed horse breeds, colors, tack, and other fascinating equine details. If you notice something I missed or got wrong in a listing, don't hesitate to let me know. I'll gratefully stand corrected and you could get free shipping for tutoring me.

I'm the proud owner of a black Appendix mare who proves my theory that first you get the horse you get, then you get the horse you want, and finally you get the horse you need. She's the third, partnered with me for the rest of her life" ~Muddy K
Lollipop Island
Digital graphics for personal and small commercial use
Agnes Barnett
"Here you will find a large selection of vintage images. These can be used to make wall hangings, cards, fabric transfers, party invitations, t-shirts, jewelry, buttons, quilt blocks and lots more!
Categories include: little girls and boys, ladies and gents, babies, weddings, Scotty Dogs, Art Deco, nursery rhyme, bluebirds, flowers, circus and many more. "
~Agnes Barnett
Virgo Moon
Virgo Moon (88)
"I am an artist and a writer with a strong interest in the natural world, animals, philosophy, poetry and photography. My work is collage-based, but I also love painting and assemblage. I love upcycling the things around me, and I love the Japanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetic of beauty in shabby and humble things. I don't like to waste anything, including fabric and text. My favourite tool is a pair of scissors.

I also have a vintage shop on Etsy at There is a cross-over in my interests which you can see if you look at the other shop." ~Jennifer
Billies Designs
Digital Collage Sheets
Billie Keeslar
"I am a collector of anything Vintage or Antique. I hope you enjoy the Digital Downloads I have created. While I have plenty to start my own store with, Etsy gives me the excuse to shop for more." ~Billie Keeslar
Postcards and Design
Alex OSadchy
"I am a designer. I very like lettering and typography." ~Alex OSadchy
Sun Art, Fine Art, Acrylic Artworks, Original Paintings
J. Wolodkiewicz

I love to tell stories by colors and lines. I love symbols. I love words.
It's just happened that I've painted since very begining, and I'll continue... :) Continue insanely, lovingly, boundlessly... That's my Fulfilment.
I often use circle. It's very powerfull shape. It's so meaningfull. Buddhists have known that!
My name is Justyna. I live in Szczecin - it's near Baltic Sea, Central Europe, the North of Poland. It's very beautiful place!
Have a look at my about page
Blog (there are some of my older artworks!)" ~J. Wolodkiewicz
Red Dirt Rose
Mary Hockenbery Studios

"MARY HOCKENBERY Photography and Photo-Illustration

Fine Art Photographer Mary Hockenbery, represented in galleries in the southwestern U.S., in collections internationally, and in many private homes, captures with her lens artifacts of human existence and elements of nature, translating them through her unique world view into images at once striking, symbolic and charming.

"My photography and photo-illustration work are inspired by mythology, fairy tales, Catholic icons and my dreams,” says Mary. Growing up in Los Angeles and attending Our Lady of Guadalupe School as a child created a lasting relationship with Our Lady and an indelible Catholic influence in Mary’s art; but her images are equally likely to feature circus or rodeo performers, dolls, secular statuary, or the individuality of random human creations caught in passing. Often juxtaposing human components with trees or animals from the wild world, Mary’s images convey a warmly mystical appreciation of Life.

“I think of life as a river, an endless flow,” says Mary. Inspired by the beauty and surprise inherent in the everyday world, inspired by the creative energy of other people, Mary was also deeply inspired by legendary portraitist Richard Avedon’s 1985 exhibition In The American West.

“Sometimes I say I collide with my images,” she says. “I can see better on paper than in real time. I look at my images to understand what I’m seeing out there. I have my interests and my loves, road trips, weird buildings, people doing things. The image makes it real in a way I don’t see when I’m just there. I understand where I live and who I am by looking at these images on paper.”
~Mary Hockenbery
 Velvet Revived
A Digital Department Store

"Hello! Welcome to Velvet Revived! You may recognize me from my handmade shop The Gossamer Tearoom: and my vintage shop Mirabella Morello:

In the same stash of lovely vintage things that supplies Mirabella Morello, I found stacks and stacks of vintage ephemera (collections from 4 generations of women in my family, including myself). I love using digital collage sheets for my artwork and these fun images are just waiting to be used in your craft projects or digital collages! So, have fun browsing in Velvet Revived, the home of delicious digital delights!"~VelvetRevived


If you are interested on becoming a member of the Pacific Postcards Team please go to this link and click "Apply."

We have 2 different memberships: one is a general membership, for those who love postcards and collecting postcards and the other is designed for shops with at least 25% of their
items listed are postcards.

The only difference in the memberships is that the latter will be included in shop
interviews, BNRs and postcard related activities. We also plan on having activities for
the general memberships. Hope to see you there soon.

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The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Good Morning Colleen!
Thank you SO MUCH for including my shop Velvet Revived in your Meet and Greet!! I am having fun exploring the shops of my other team members now!

I'm looking forward to the postcard exchange and even made a little banner for the sidebar on my blog!

Wishing you a wonderful day!