Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy National Postcard Week: New Members Of The Pacific Postcards Team

Happy National Postcard Week!  It is hard to believe that we are celebrating another NPCW already.  I start preparing for this week a couple months in advance but I think about it all year long.  Whether it is while I am sitting at a baseball game, hiking up a scenic path and while walk along the shores of the great Pacific Ocean, I think "This would make a great postcard for National Postcard Week."  Seriously I do, I don't think that is normal but it is what it is. 

Anyway I am still busily addressing my postcards to send out to the participants in our swap and my friends so will be making today's Meet and Greet a little shorter.  We still have a great turn out of new members so we will continue to do some group Meet and Greets but soon we will back to our original format (I think...)  I have been pleasantly surprised at the turn out so far so this may be a feature that is continued for some time.

I never realized how many shops there were that sell postcards.  I do believe that our hobby has now become one of modern day popularity once again.  It goes in waves; while growing up it wasn't as popular but now I think we are close to another peek.  I L-O-V-E it.  It is such a great hobby so it is wonderful share this common interest with so many.  Please don't forget that we have started a wonderful forum available to answer your postcard questions or just to talk and share your postcard experience.  Go to:

And last but not least before we start with the introductions.  I have started my very own Postcards In The Attic online shop.  The shelves are a little bare at this time because I just started but I really would appreciate the support if you could stop by and browse a second.  You can find it at:  I thank you in advance. 

Now without further ado, on this fine National Postcard Week! our new team members to the Etsy Pacific Postcard Team:

Joyce Geleynse
"I am a professional artist who specializes in realism drawing. My other Etsy Store is full of downloadable, realistic drawings in both pencil and oil pastel with themes such as animals, people, country life, western, christian, etc. The same themes will be apparent in this store which is dedicated to selling Digital Stamp images." ~Joyce Geleynse


"I have been an artist all my life and being a teacher I get to use a number of different disciplines and techniques, it is this experimentation that keeps my creative juices flowing. I have another shop on Etsy called Erintrees which shows my diversity, however I want this shop to promote my illustration work. I hope you enjoy browsing.
My other shop is

I have just opened another shop called accessorarti which is jewelery. Check it out if you get a chance."  ~Illustrarti

"I've always been passionate about art and design. My grandpa and dad were/are amazing artist and I know I get my excitement from them. They have always loved sharing their talents with other, and encourage me and my family to create and spread the love.

I started this shop as a hobby, dedicating it to my amazing family and friends who love, support, and bless my life every day!

I have recently been granted the amazing opportunity to work in my shop full time. It's a unbelievable gift that I don't take for granted. Being able to help people all across the world celebrate a special time in their lives is simply amazing! I work really hard at being a happy helpful shop owner, which comes easy with so many amazing clients.

Thank you for helping me live my dream! Hope you enjoy :)

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. - Psalm 126:3" ~Kate


Kathy S

Antiques are something I have always loved. Over the years I have picked up many interesting items. In the past year I have turned my hobby into a chance to sell some treasures I have picked up in my journeys. To me it is not a job, it's an Adventure...the thrill of the hunt and bringing home the latest prize!

Here in Great Lakes Cottage Country of Rural Ontario, we are surrounded by water on 3 sides, lots of Cedars, wildlife and beautiful flora. The village where I live is mainly a cottage/tourist community thriving on a summer economy. Winters are quiet here, a time to relax, catch up with friends, enjoy a good cup of java or tea and watch the snow pile up. This is when my creative side emerges and I get busy making greeting cards, scrapbooking and working on my upcycling projects. Upcylcling is the ART of recreating a use for an old item. Sometimes it's just freshening up an old piece with paint, and sometimes its drastically altering an item or items to make something totally new. This keeps the old JUNK out of the land fills and keeps it in circulation.

All of my items are coming from a smoke free home." ~Kathy S
"Irena Sophia is an artist based in Zagreb CROATIA. She spent her childhood in Europe then moved to New York. Her style of work is greatly influenced by combination of vintage illustration, folk art and modern design. She is inspired greatly by soft lines, serene scenes, creating a world of inner quietness and delicacy. She holds Fine Art degree in painting and spends her time dedicating herself fully to her art.
Her work was featured on several prominent design blogs as well GEN ART Pulse
You can check on her work at " ~Irena Sophia

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