Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Daughter Is Crazy For Horses; Upcycled Gifts

My daughter celebrated her birthday yesterday.  Every time it is one of my children's birthdays I go back through the wonderful years and think of all the memories we made.  I think about what their favorite foods were, sports, activities and how much they changed over the years.  One thing that has never changed with my daughter is her love for horses.  She has been in Horse Sense for 16 years now and is still just as passionate about riding as the first day. 

So I picked out today's upcycling theme in her honor:
I <3 Horses!
Upcycled Recycled Denim Jeans Toss Pillow Horse Twine Collage OOAK from
PapillonDreams at
HORSE JEWELRY / Upcycled Bracelet / Scrabble Art from
pawsintime  at 
Vintage Heart Tin Brooch, Upcycled Jewelry, Gifts under 15 , Valentines day, Gifts for her, Horse Lover Gift from
hoitytoitydesigns at
Rustic Upcycled Antique White Stamped Leather Bracelet Wristband, Silver, Horse
From dgierat at
Restored pine wood rocking horse with real horse hair mane and tail and deerskin leather tack OOAK recycled upcycled from thegreenwolf at
A Horse, Of Course Repurposed Book Upcycled Dictionary Art Vintage Book Print Recycled Vintage Dictionary Page Buy 2 Get 1 FREE from
StayGoldMedia at
Eco Friendly Mittens Wool Sweater Horse Mittens Felted Wool Yellow Orange Applique Fleece Lining Suede Palm Eco Friendly Upcycled Size S/M From
ForMyDarling at
Recycled Quality Reusable Tote Bag to Benefit Horse Rescue from
Eco Horse at

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