Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy Birthday - Guess How Old I Am! Hint: I'm Vintage :)

Vanity runs deep in my veins, I believe I got this from my Grandma Hoerth who aged very graciously and never complained about getting older; she just looked amazing doing it.  I had always hoped that I would have her genes and age as well as she did, but alas no such luck and I don't believe that I am as gracious about aging either. 

Although I am actually enjoying my life now more than I think I did in my younger years.  I think that I have grown and not just aged which makes my life more rich and have more depth.   As I get older I find I am more like the Willow than the Mighty Oak and things don't bother me as much.  I also value fun so much more and I don't feel guilty for having it.  I always had fun in my life but often I felt bad for being "silly" or "immature" etc.  But now, Who Cares?  I like what like and love what/who I love and for the lack of better words "I am what I am."

So overall I have to say that getting older is actually pretty cool, except I don't believe that I am getting wiser just more forgetful (not so cool.) 

Since I really don't mind if people know my true age I thought it would be fun to post pictures of some my favorites over the years and see if anyone can guess how old I am (or what year I was born in.)  While gathering these pictures I was really struck by how things have changed!  And now everything that I enjoyed as a kid is a vintage collectible; How strange is that?

Post a Comment how old you think I am based on these pics and clips (as a side note some of things may have been just before my time but during my childhood they were  still popular:)

 Lego Samsonite Beginners Building Toy No. 205 Play Set from
bigbangzero at
Fisher Price Play Family Farm 915 from WhyBuyNew at
BEE GEES LUNCHBOX and Plastic Thermos,  The Brothers Gibb, Vintage Collectible from roguevalleyvintage at
Vintage Graphic TShirt Red R Crumb Small Medium from TheyRoaredVintage at
Mattel Barbie Goin' Camping Set with Breezy Buggy and Tent Trailer in Box from AttysSproutVintage at
Disney Book Record The Rescuers from Vickie'sBeachHouse at
Hot Wheels Corvette // Vintage Hot Wheels Chevrolet Corvette // Vintage Toy Car // Vintage Collectible Toy // Vintage Hot Wheels from GodsofVintage at
Fisher Price "Dress Up" Muppet doll Kermit the Frog from AndysMuppetsandMore at
Vintage Poseable Care Bear Tenderheart Bear from WhiteCatVintage at
Sony CFS 655 Sonorous 2 Speaker Cassette Radio Stereo Boombox from FrancFrancis at
Bunch of Neon Jelly Bracelets from VillalobosVintage at
Vintage Pac-Man Sticker Sheet from Stuckonstickers at


Can you guess?  How old am I?


bigbangzero said...

I'm going to guess 48 years because I played with all these toys and that's my age!

Awesome blog! Thanks for including my shop.

Unknown said...

My guess is 42. When do we find out if we're right?

Butterfly In The Attic said...

You are both are close but Betty was almost right on the dot. I turned 43! Hard to believe everything I loved as a kid is vintage. Worse yet some of things my kids played with could be considered vintage Crazy!

Thanks for Playing it was fun!

Bethany Stewart said...

Hey lovely!
I found you off of the Curiously Gorgeous Giveaway...and I absolutely love your blog!!!! It's so much fun...I'm vintage too, though my love for it doesn't come out quite as much in my writing ;)