Sunday, September 1, 2013

Inspirational Sunday Party; Monsoon in the Desert

trees through a window, 8x10 fine art black & white photograph
There was always something magical about a rainstorm.  As a child the only way my mother would let me out of the house in the rain is if I geared up; rain slick, rubber boots, umbrella and a rain hat was the minimum requirement.  I would run quickly out of the house, so as not to miss it, protected head to toe from the wet.  I would jump, with both feet, as hard as I could into the largest puddle found.  The feeling of the cold water as it splashes up under my raincoat soaking my pants and part of my shirt before it cascades down into my boots made it official, I was playing in the rain.
Print of original illustration "Rainbow Rain"
Squish squishing through the yard I would explore the new terrain.  Everything looked different under the veil of a rain shower.  There was an eerie fog that would rise up where the warm soil would meet the cool damp air and the filtered sunlight would make the landscape glow a aqua green.  Wonderful secretive creatures would pop out of there hiding place; Snails in swirly brown and beige shells would slowly haul their load across the gravel, fat night crawlers escaping their flooded burrows could seen by the dozens and hippity hoppities of all sizes and types would croak and chirp there way onto my wet landscape.
Original Drawing frog in the rain
Rain wasn't that unusual for the Midwest, in fact I would be willing to bet that some years it rained more then it shined.  So over time I forgot about the magic hidden in the raindrops and I forgot about shy creatures that would surface.  And soon a rainy day became more of nuisance rather then something that stirred the imagination.  But this week I have experienced my first desert monsoon (seems strange, huh?)  As I gazed out at the down pour falling onto the patio I remembered the excitement I felt as a child.  It has been at least a year since I seen rain of any significance let alone 3 inches in an hour.
Purple Rain by Phil Farris
So my inspiration this week is as simple as the rain...  It was a joy to feel that excitement rise up again.  A little girl's imagination running wild from puddle to puddle was awaken, just for a brief moment but it was still a moment all the same.

So now it is your turn. What has inspired you this week?

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