Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Fall is suddenly approaching, the days are growing shorter and the lazy summer nights are becoming cooler.  Even in the desert you can notice a change; crows have found their voice and are chatting away about their upcoming winter adventure as the hum of crickets and Cicadas are dying down.  Kids are back in school and settling into their routines, summer vacation has already become a memory for most and parents rushing from work to school to practices and games has become the family's beaten path. 

I have always enjoyed September, while in the Midwest I was an avid gardener and loved this time of year.  The garden would be winding down but the bright Sunflowers, Mums, and Marigolds would fill out into their splendor and as I drove up my driveway they would always great me with their cheery burst of color.  I lived by an apple orchard for much of my life and so September has always been associated with the beginning of the apple harvesting season. 

How beautiful and simple is a ripe red apple hanging from the tree.  Bushel baskets lining the little shop wall with every flavor and color of apple possible with cute patterned signs announcing their names; Macintosh, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and so many more.  Although we visited the orchard regularly we would always have to sample the different apples as if this was are first time stopping in. 

These are some lovely items that are handmade and upcycled that I found on ETSY that really remind me of those lovely Septembers of years gone by.  And here's to many more lovely Septembers of the future!

APPLE COLLAGE recycled book page art print - an upcycled antique dictionary page with a retooled antique flower illustration - wall art from
Kitsch vintage glass marble RED APPLE fruit earrings - opaque marbles upcycled into striking dangle drop rockabilly style earrings from
Vintage Ceramic Apple Pendant Necklace / Jewelry Necklaces Statement / Upcycled Jewelry Jewellery / Handmade Ceramic Pendant / Clay Apple
 from GarageCoutureClothes

Wine glass charms Peach Apple Apricot Raspberries Fruit cooking handmade upcycled postage stamps OOAK From
Upcycled Book Apple 7", MADE TO ORDER, great Teacher's Gift for Back to School from

Original Art. Title: Eye Crow. Totem. Painted Collage. Mixed Media. Denim. Upcycled Clothing. By Laima
from artweeds
Crow Silhouette - upcycled inner tube papercut black bird crow / raven art from

Upcycled Vintage Sheet Music Page - Crow Print - 8-1/2 x 11-3/4 from
Salvaged Chandelier Crystal Crow Raven Blackbird Necklace from
Crow and SunFlower Pillow from
Van Gogh Sunflowers Scrabble tile pendant charm handmade by IMCreations (OL150) from
Upcycled Yellow and Black Vintage License Plate Sunflower  from

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Unknown said...

What a lovely post and a beautiful thing to wake up to! So many wonderful reasons to celebrate September. Thank you!