Monday, September 30, 2013

New Members Of The Pacific Postcards Team - Series 44

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Postcard Lover's Tuesday

Now for today's new members:

"Hello. My name is PILUTICO and this is my artistic name due to the fusion of my two daughter's nicknames. I was born and raised in Mexico for 26 years. I am fluent in both languages: English and Spanish. My life as a kid was enriched by my large family, friends and neighbors. Food, colors and music are a must in my every day life. Different flavors bring wonderful memories of my childhood and increase my ability to recreate on my creations the vibrancy of my culture. LOTERIA was my first board game and right in there I fell in love with LA SIRENA, the mermaid. La Sirena represents feminine nature... Day of the Dead is a National Holiday in Mexico.... Frida Kahlo, one of Mexico's more beloved painters, and The Virgin Guadalupe, is our Flag in our predominant beliefs and religion. I welcome you to and under construction: WWW.VINTAGEMERMAID.COM. I am very excited to offer my handmade designs to the ETSY community...


Please understand that I am not a large company, I am an individual. When I get bad feedback from scammer or from miscommunication, it hurts! It puts me in jeopardy of being suspended from Etsy and it's very scary. Etsy is my way life it's what I do to bring the extra income that I need to support my family in this critical times and to think that one mistake could take it all away is just a sad thing. I treat you right, please treat me right.

Just remember, we are all human, we all make mistakes, but when I do everything I can to make it right, how can you be mad?


Please do not leave me a negative or neutral feedback without contacting me first. Please note that Etsy standards do not allow for mistakes. I will respond to the situation as fast as I can. I do my best to keep my customers 100% satisfied!

If You Have a Problem/Issue

CONTACT ME FIRST!!! I will do my very best to make it right." ~Pilutico Wilcox
Rose Nutter

"i collect and sell mid century modern glassware, clothing, books, decor and other retro items. i find and sell new items each week so stop back often! " ~Rose Nutter

Vintage books, cards, gems/ minerals, and memorabilia
"I have another profile under the name "Gyanarthi" and the shop . Here, Bennett is proprietor of "GyanarthiBooks" which offers books, gems/minerals and other vintage goodies. The book annex is only for books.
In case you're wondering, Anand Gyanarthi is a spiritual name given to me by Osho Rajneesh back in 1978.

Anyhow, I opened my first bookshop, The Aquarian Age bookstore, in Baltimore, MD in 1968. And in one way or I've been in the esoteric book business ever since... with side travels as a psychotherapist and gem/mineral dealer, among other adventures.

I'm a 71 year old pack-rat, and looking to divest myself of everything before I pass from this earth. I hope that's a long time from now, because I've got lots of stuff.... and I'm having a really good time :)"~Bennett Hoffman

Od Peacock
Kodak Ghosts Run Amok
Od Peacock
 "Kodak Ghosts Run Amok" is a borrowed title from the brilliant Martyn Bates/Eyeless in Gaza.
No other tag line seems to express what the Od Peacock is more than that line.
The Od Peacock is the illegitimate child of The Od Peacock Sultan Co. and Dark Holler Records ( The Od Peacock Sultan Co. you may know from their medical texts and the excellent Peacock's Bromides. Dark Holler you may have
heard via the wonders of the compact disc and the new fangled vinyl record.
The Od Peacock ( been in production since 2003 and entered the online ether in May of 2005. We've recently transfered our wares from from our own site to etsy."~ OdPeacock

Evergreen Evermore

Beth Karlin
 "I was raised in the Chicago suburbs and attended the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champa, where I earned a master’s of science degree in communications. I began writing for a local suburban newspaper, but eventually worked for Business Week, the Wall Street Journal, the Seattle Times and Bloomberg News, among other publications. A bit of a gypsy, I lived in New York, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Washington D.C., Brussels and London. I now live in Sarasota, Fla., where I remain a free-lance journalist. But my move here has given me an opportunity to spend more time on creative efforts. As an editor, I developed an admiration for elegant design. As a collector, I seek unusual products you rarely see these days, even though they far outshine their modern-day replacements.

Of late, I have acquired a passion for thrift shopping, which turned from an avocation to a necessity when I lost my job in the rapidly diminishing world of print journalism. But as I searched for second-hand clothes and shoes, I became enthralled with the thrill of the treasure hunt --- picking up unique frames, stationary, vintage collectibles, fabric remnants, found beads and a variety of other rare and unique gewgaws. I regret that so many others have joined the fray as recycling becomes popular and money is tight. Still, I have a gift for recognizing one-of-a-kind discoveries in clothes, accessories and home décor items, and outfitting many of my friends and relatives.

So, please check in regularly for new designs and finds. This is just the beginning of a long and wonderful association with I am also developing a blog,, where my journalism career and my interest in the three Rs and the one U, Upcycling will come in handy. So many beautiful items go begging. If I shine them up and combine them with other forgotten treasurers, I create one-of-a-kind gifts, souvenirs and home décor items that will last far into the future.

Expect to see purses designed from gorgeous antique fabric remnants, jewelry from loose beads and a variety of other items created from discarded treasures repurposed to create memorable new treasures as gifts for friends -- or yourself." ~Beth Karlin

********************************************************************************** We have expanded our Pacific Postcards Team past the confines of Etsy. You can now join in the fun even if you don't have an Etsy account by joining the Pacific Postcards Team on G+ . Another great way to share our passion for postcards. I have not built a button for this yet so here is the link to our new community. If you know anyone that is in love with postcards and ephemera please pass this link onto them. Go to

The only difference in the memberships is that the latter will be included in shop
interviews, BNRs and postcard related activities. We also plan on having activities for
the general memberships. Hope to see you there soon.
Please remember that we have our very own Postcard Forum for any questions about specific postcards, collecting, creating, basically anything and everything about postcards. Finally found a rare card for your collection? Use the forum to show off that new found treasure.

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