Sunday, October 20, 2013

Inspirational Sunday Party; Laughter is the Best Medicine

Sundays are free again to help me pump myself and you up for the our upcoming week.  While I feel that Sundays are time for reflection and contemplation it has also always been a day for Sunday Comics!  And I think that the newspapers had it right.  What better way is there to forget the previous week's woes and start the new week with a smile?  So with this tradition in mind I would like to have a Linky Party that focuses on the lighter, funnier side of life.

Some of I found this morning:

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So now it is your turn. What has tickled your funny bone or inspired you this week?
There is a few rules before you link up (but not many.) Please help promote since that will make this so much more fun!
1. Follow my blog via GFC, Bloglovin, or Network. If you are new please leave a comment so I can follow you back.
2. Grab the button and post it on your blog. Either on your blog or a specific post (if you do not have a blog you are excused from this step.)
Laughter Is The Best Medicine

3. Check out at least 2 other posts, follow if they are new to you, comment, etc.
4. Post something that you found Funny or Inspirational this week, it can be from your blog or it can even be a project or even a piece of art you created for your shop. But do not link your main page or shop home page.
5. Limit 2 Blog posts and 1 Shop post
6. Have fun and get inspired
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Unknown said...

I love the one with the Great Dane on the sofa! That actually happened to me with a Beagle! But, he was such a good boy and we loved him for 15 years until he crossed the rainbow bridge. Thanks for sharing!