Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wow Twitter Tree really works! Take a look

Just a quick blurb this morning before work.  I am always promoting and trying to tell people about the great opportunity there is in the Twitter Tree but today I have proof.  I tweeted and posted this item, Scottish Terrier Dog Instant Download, on Twitter Tree this morning and within a little over an hour recieved this message:

Here are my stats for this time period!

Proof is in the pudding!

If you have an online shop you need to visit the Twitter Tree, Its Free! just takes a minute of your time.

I must be running to work but
Happy Sales Everyone!


Christie Cottage said...

Hooray for the views!

I have the linky appearing on my blog too. Of course if you click the items in the linky it will appear in your traffic feed as coming from April's blog.

I tested this with the BME Countdown to Christmas by clicking my items in the linky on my bllog and the traffic appeared in my AF feed as coming from BME's blog. Traffic is traffic!

Tomorrow my blog post will be the new ways that I am promoting. I have it ready to post. Worked on it for a while this morning! LOL

Happy sales!


watercolors said...

Yippee, love to hear the positive reports.

Pamela Baker said...

Since I joined our Weekly (3x) Twitter Group - the items I list - show a great increase in views. If you check you STATS you will see the difference. Thanks Twitter friends!!!
Link to my blog: