Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I long for forty winks... In this day and age it is so often that people are having troubles sleeping and I am no different from the rest.  We are in a state of go, go, go throughout the day to the point we feel we may drop but when it is time for bed... BOING! the second wind kicks in.  The mind races, an incomplete chore list runs through your head,  and then the all to familiar question pops up, "Did I remember to put away the  ____" (fill in the blank.)  Sound familiar? 

Staying with a nightly sleep routine is very important to ensure a complete and quality rest.  Turning off the laptop, the TV, the phone and quieting the mind can be hard but it is absolutely necessary to get into a good routine.  When you do finally establish a routine (whatever it is) it seems that your subconscious mind recognizes that routine and says "Oh, she's brushed her teeth, took a shower, and has the lavender sitting on the night table it is time for bed."  We automatically start to feel sleepy and the mind usually quiets without much effort.

So I broke my routine last night and Wow! what a night.  So within my state of grogginess and sleep on my mind I thought that Forty Winks would make a great little gift guide.  Give the gift of rest and sleep:

Sleep Mask-Cashmere and Silk-Tufted/Heather Grey with Flowers and Beads

Lavender Sachet, Organic French Lavender Sachet, Upcycled Lavender Sachet, Vintage Linen Lavender Sachet, Teacher Gift
By SewItWasByJudy
Glamorous Roll Up Bed for Camping, Sleep overs, Guest Bed. Filled with Luxury Sheeps wool and using sustainable and upcycled fabrics.

Sleeping Cat Stuffed pillow
from leezmarie
Womens Lace Sleep Wear. Womens Lace Boxers. Womens Lace Knickers. Womens Sleep Shorts. Lace Boomers. Womens Bloomers. Knickers. Pajamas.
from PlanetPlayground
Lavender Aromatherapy Eye and Body or Neck Pillow in Japanese SilkFabric w/ Chrysanthemum, Cherry Blossoms and Sunflower Prints-GIFT Set
from rosalynvintage