Monday, December 30, 2013

Computer Shopping, Arrrghhh!

Good morning friends.  I am sure you have notice my blogging has slowed quite a bit since we have moved.  Yes, at first it was because I was so busy that there just wasn't enough time in the day. Secondly with the holidays family will always come first.  But the key factor was that my desktop died!

Everything was set up in my cozy little corner ready for me to type away and then I tried to turn on my desk top... nothing.  It just simply wont turn on (and yes it was plugged in LOL.)  So I am stuck with my tiny little lappy that is slower then molasses and a cell phone. 

Well now that we are back from holiday and I am anxious to get blogging again.  So I need to buy a desktop.  I loved my Dell it was with me for 7 years and did pretty good but my husband is a die-hard HP man.  Out of respect I have conceded to get an HP but now he is in love with a wireless desktop and I am leery on if it will meet my needs.  Terry and I both love our home to look like a magazine so I completely understand him.  Should I just through caution to the wind and go for the more visually appealing? (note: my office is a section of the house that is always visible) or should I just focus on function?
Notice all the cords?  Yuck I would love to have the wireless if it works as well
I love using computers and working on graphics even know a little coding but I don't know that much about computers themselves.  Plus I am on a budget so I could use a little advise and would appreciate your comments.  Here are a couple of my options (including my husbands favorite) that are in my price range.  I really don't need a monitor so I could just go with the tower.

HP Pavilion 500-b23w Desktop PC with AMD A6-5200 Quad-Core Processor, 4GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive, and Windows 8 (Monitor Not Included)
Right now I can get it for about $330
HP Pavilion 20-b313w All-in-One Desktop PC with AMD E1-2500 Accelerated Processor, 4GB Memory, 20" Display, 500GB Hard Drive and Windows 8
This one is a bit more I can get it for about $450

I have never had much luck with refurbished products but, of course, the price tag is extremely luring.
I can get the following for $298 with 8GB instead of 4GB (non refurbished) Memory:
HP Refurbished 110-023wb Desktop PC With Intel Pentium G2020T Processor, 8GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive and Windows 8 (Monitor Not Included)

If you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them.

Have a blessed day!

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