Monday, January 20, 2014

Meet The Members Of The Pacific Postcards Team (PPT) 1

This morning I am restarting the Meet The Members Of The Pacific Postcards Team (PPT.)   This was a great way to give some well deserved exposure to some of my team members.  I have made a few changes to these post so without further intro here is our first member in this series:
Maureen "Reenie" Kietzman
Steve and Reenie Kietzman

"Thanks for visiting our little shoppe which will soon celebrate 5 years on Etsy . The world of ephemera is our passion, so enjoy an avenue for for Victorian, Edwardian, Retro,Vintage paper items, scraps, engravings, old book prints, photos and advertisements! Victorian Trade cards may have been advertising, but they are a glimpse of our history, and wonderful items to frame or decorate with. Vintage advertisements are often humorous to peruse, as some of the items are obsolete, but they also provide provenance for your collectible! Follow us on Pinterest too! Same shop name!"

"Raised by Antique Dealers, I come by my love of all things old easily. I am passionate about illustrations, Victorian prints, and ephemera. ETSY is allowing me to sell what I love, and making it easy. I am looking forward to providing you truly creative folk with imagery, and provide an outlet for those who are looking for inexpensive artwork. Let's have fun together!" ~Reenie Kietzman

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Unknown said...

I so appreciate your taking the time to feature my little Shoppe. Ephemera is my love, and the historic information on our culture, our architecture, our holiday customs are brought back to us in postcards. I enjoy your blog and again, I thank you for your consideration.