Saturday, February 15, 2014

Networking Saturday

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I am absolutely certain that I am not the only hopeful entrepreneur want-to-be that is juggling family, a full-time job, and in general life while trying to create an empire.  The last few years have been a little disappointing and a very difficult struggle to just simply get sales.  So I have decided that while I like to keep my Day Job separate from my Virtual Life, I am going to use what I have learned as a manager over the years to help build my mini empire and maybe help build yours.

Over the years as a manager I have discovered what the number one element that drives me in my field, Teamwork.  This simple but very difficult concept makes me feel most satisfied, secure, and successful.  It is not always possible for me to have my dream team because often I find Egos, stubbornness, etc get in the way but for me I strongly feel that I need to help other people to succeed in order for me to succeed.  As a manager:  I don't want to be your boss, I want to be your leader; I don't want employees or line staff, I want partners and teammates;  I don't want to put my name on the project, I want to put all of our names on a project... you get the picture.  I love taking people with me, it feels good, no actually it feels great to watch others succeed too. 

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Sooooo with that long winded paragraph I would like to focus on the teamwork and networking for my Saturday posts.  Writing a blog seems so easy when you idealize it but in actuality it isn't that easy for some of us.  I know where I want to go with it but often reality is limited to time, money and resources.  So I apologize for my ever evolving site but I do believe that I am on the right track.  Many of us online are trying to start our own online businesses but we have such a small impact as solo shops.  We are almost invisible, voiceless and lets face it insignificant.  But with networking and teamwork we can be heard and seen.

Think of the blob, oozing fluidly through the town picking up everything in its path.  The size of ball it would go unnoticed but as it grows and increases its mass it gets noticed!
Especially when it fills a theater sending moviegoers out into the street screaming.  I want to create a team like the blob.
Today I am going to simply list some of the networking I have found extremely valuable.  I hope that you will at least give some of them a try.  I also hope that you will post in the comment some of your best networking tools and groups.

The one I use the Most is on the top:

1)  Twitter Tree:  A group of great people that will tweet 2 of your
Tweets (usually multiple times.)  You simply post 2 tweets in the comment section of the host blog and tweet the rest of the group in return.  The math:  You have 1500 twitter followers, the Next person has 10,000 twitter followers, another has 5,000 and so on...
You can see how quickly your reach can expand with that simple process.  Most days you have a potential to reach 25,000 - 100,000 people depending on how many people join in.  I love it and it has helped me a lot.

2) Crazy Train Riders Guild on Artfire
 I am trying Artfire again so I just rejoined this group, but when I was a member before I found it really drove traffic my way.
1.It is to promote each other studios during
                                                                                          two days, the studio promoted is called the
2.Members will use different methods of promotions such as submit item to VoteHandmade, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, My Space, Youtube, emailing information to friends and family, and more.
3.To learn that thru promoting others we will promote ourselves what is very important to be know in the world of Online.
4.Provide a place where people with same goals can gather to talk about how to improve their business, share knowledge, have a platform to provide suggestion, learn and teach each other how to sell online, promoting, using different tools and methods
5. Have Fun "
3) The Blu Print is a great blog but also promotes heavily around Christmas and Mother's Day.
She often has great Linky Parties with a ton of participants.  I always see great results in my stats.
                                                                                                           Watch for her promotions!
4) My own Team - the Pacific Postcards Team:  We started out on Etsy but I am trying to branch out with an Artfire Guild, FB Group, Twitter, Here are all the links join as many as you would like: 
On Artfire (I just started this so it is rather lonely there I would love it if you were the first to join)
On Etsy
On Twitter: ( I will be creating a auto Retweet in the near future)
On FB:  (just started this one too)
G+ Communities:

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