Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What are your Movie Habbits?

Just like most things about me, my favorite move genres reveal a dichotomy in my personality.
My top choices of all time favorite movies fall into 1 of these 3 genres
Classics (pre-1960's)

But not only do they fall in those categories I have very different (or at least I think I am different) Movie Viewing Preferences
I love watching movies on DVD or Blueray verses going to the movies
Since I like to watch movies at home my dream is to have a Home Theater Room but the next best thing is a big screen, a Bose, a comfortable couch and Netflicks

I have only been to an actual movie theater for 2 movies in the last 10 years.  Batman's The Dark Knight (IMAX) was very worth it

And the other was Pacific Rim (for my Birthday last year)  I couldn't wait to see it, I love the Transformers movies so I thought that this looked like it would give them a good run But... and a big But... as in the words of Bill and Ted... Not!!  The secret to a good Action movie is not just special affects it still needs good acting. 

The special affects were great and could draw me into the land of alternate realities but then the actors would speak and I would come crashing back down into my theater seat.  After this movie experience and about $50 later my husband and I have decided to stick to our home theater.

With that being said the new movies for 2014 (and for me 2015 since I will wait for Netflix) are looking very promising.  What do you think?  Will modern special affects make Godzilla a real Action movie or will it still be the cheesy movie it always has been?

The same with Tron ... I never could get into the original Tron movies.  I watched about half of the 1st Tron movie and don't remember the rest because I am sure with my ADHD I just started doing something else while the movie played in the background.  I am not sure if the new technology in special effects will be able to make this movie more captivating for me, but I may give it a try again.

So tell me, What are your favorite movies?  And how do you prefer to watch them?
Movie Theater or Home Theater?

I can't wait to see if I am the odd ball or the norm

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