Sunday, March 16, 2014

Laughter Is The Best Medicine; Blog Hop 18

As many of you know I have been working with an old clunker Dell for a significant amount of time.  It was 7 years old and driving me nuts for most of those years.  But when you work on a computer as much as I do you form this sort of love/hate relationship; one very similar to living with an emotionally immature lover.  One day things are beautiful and fun the next he's not talking to you... Honey, Honey what's wrong?... nothing... nothing

So with that I am so happy to report that Dell and I have broke up.  It is finished! fineto! over! I have kicked him to the curb singing BeyoncĂ©'s Irreplaceable and crying a little (I will admit it.)  But now for my new beau Mr. HP wireless.. Slim Sleek Wireless  Oooh I am in love!  Slow down you move too fast ;) 

So I guess that means no more excuses for delayed posts and failed retweets my friends.  I better be on my best behavior because the cold shoulder of Dell is no more.

I hope you enjoy my funny picks for the day and have a very very Blessed Sunday!

From FB page  I Love My Lab

From FB page The Official Grumpy Cat
From FB page Funny Pictures
From FB Page Funny Pictures
So now it is your turn. What has tickled your funny bone or inspired you this week?
There is a few rules before you link up (but not many.) Please help promote since that will make this so much more fun!

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Laughter Is The Best Medicine
3. Check the other posts, follow if they are new to you, comment, etc.
4. Post something that you found Funny, Inspirational or just plain Positive this week, it can be from your blog or it can even be a project or even a piece of art you created for your shop.  Note: do not link your main page or shop home page.
5. Limit 1 Blog posts and 1 Shop post (you can post both)
6. Have fun and get inspired

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm Christine from Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers... and your post just cracked me up!
(I *adore* the idea of breaking up with a computer!!!)
And I really like the idea of this link-up. :)
I shared something from my FB page -- I hope it worked; I've never tried doing that before -- because this particular Irish-ism was never posted on my blog!
I do hope you'll come visit me sometime, though!