Saturday, March 1, 2014

Networking Saturday; Link Your Shop or Blog 2

Good morning my Networking Friends. Today I am excited to report that Julie from Blue Morning Expressions has begun her "Countdown to Mother's Day 2014" 

This means that I will see a sharp rise in my statistics of people looking at my shop (potential buyers.)  For those of us that truly want to make our little shops into a large and prosperous business, looking at our statistics is critical.  Looking at your stats is not just to tell you how well or how slow your traffic is but to tell you where exactly your traffic is coming from.  Why is this important? 

Knowing where your traffic comes from tells you where you should be focusing your efforts.  If you find that traffic from lets say "Soapsee" (no longer available) is not bringing you any traffic but you see that 50% of your traffic for the day has come from "Blue Morning Expressions" you know that the last time you posted on the latter had a big impact.  Then you can focus on making sure that you always utilize promotions that come from "Blue Morning Expressions" and stop using "Soapsee." 

Sometimes fledgling promotions can become quite successful so you may want to continue to use those that don't initially bring you lots of traffic but I suggest using them last and focusing the bulk of your efforts on those promotions that you know are successful.

Make sure you take advantage of this great link up and see your stats rise!  Julie gives you the opportunity to create 3 backlinks for items from your shop.  Here is the link to Blue Morning Expressions:

Now it is your turn to join me in networking!  Post any of your family friendly sites (blogs, shops, FB, etc.)  What ever sites you would like to share. 

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The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Thank you, Colleen! I'm happy to be joining your Networking Saturday Party!

Wishing you a beautiful and successful day!


Butterfly In The Attic said...

Thank you Betty! So glad you could join me:)

Julie l. Cleveland said...

Wow, Colleen, those are awesome stats! I had no idea that our "little" promotion has that kind of an impact. Everyone works so very hard to promote, and it has done a world of good for my shop too.

I thank you so much for pointing this out. The power of networking is truly amazing. Happy sales,

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Fascinating post, Colleen - thank you for sharing. I "felt" the Christmas Countdown made a positive difference, but it's nice to see that it actually did! And thank you for allowing us to share. Will promote now.

Linda B said...

Thanks, Colleen. Joined your party, visiting everyone and tweeted and FB.

KatsAllThat Artisan Jewelry said...

Thank you Colleen, the stats are great and really helpful.

Butterfly In The Attic said...

I am so glad to see everyone and that the information is helpful.

Julie's first 2014 Mother's Day Link up is closed now BUT there will be another opportunity to link your items on Friday. Watch for her post it is usually around 12:00 Noon.

Thanks to everyone for joining in the party :)


Teuta Towler said...

Wow! What you did with the networking party is just amazing, not to mention very nice of you because you are helping fellow shop owners out! I hope you organize more of those fun and beneficial events in the future! Your shop looks dazzling, btw. Stay beautiful, Colleen!

Teuta Towler @ Mitro Digital Marketing