Monday, March 10, 2014

New Members Of The Pacific Postcards Team - Series 47

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Postcard Lover's Tuesday
Now for today's new members:


"I grew up in a small remote town in Mexico, in a family of 10 children. I learned from my mother to save and use everything that was available. I believe that all humans have the need to express ourselves through creativity. We can all create to embellish our surroundings and to express values that are meaningful to us." ~Shamanwoman

Vincenzo Troilo
San Severo, Puglia,

"We are Minouc and Nienke, a daughter and mother from Amsterdam, Holland.
We share the same passion for vintage and antique fabrics, brocante objects and wonderful materials, such as beads.

In this shop you will find our personal collection of vintage and brocante finds, vintage fabrics, vintage postcards etc. We also sell handmade fabric boxes, handmade fabric buttons, mostly made of the vintage and antique French and Dutch fabrics we sell in this shop.
What we know about the history of those fabrics is that they were made for duvet covers in the first half of the last century. They are known as 'farmer style fabrics'. A farmers girl would have the duvet covers in her trousseau. They were made in floral and checkered patterns until in the fifties they became out of fashion.
We buy them as duvet covers in Holland, France and Germany, they are increasingly difficult to find! Often they are worn and have little holes etc. (that's why we don't always have large pieces), some are unused and have been lying in a cupboard for decades! They are not made this day and age. It may be clear that we just LOVE those fabrics!

"I live in 'Waterland', a characteristic rural area just outside Amsterdam. Here you still find old farmhouses, wooden houses, cows, wooden clogs...., etc. Nienke lives nearby in a lovely old house in Amsterdam. We enjoy keeping Dutch traditions alive in our Delft blue style jewelry.
We both had a solid art education in Amsterdam. I have been teaching art for years, at several secondary schools. After my two oldest children went to primary school I started making jewelry. This had a contagious effect on my mom..! We soon started our first Etsy-shop for our jewelry. I quit my parttime job after we started this second Etsy-shop."

"We have been a team for years now making jewelry in Minouc's studio, which we still enjoy doing very much, you can find our jewelry in our other Etsy-shop, see below.
We love scrawling around flee markets, finding wonderful treasures for this shop!
Our search for beautiful finds and materials will never end. You will find the results of our searching and collaboration in this shop. We hope you will enjoy exploring our shop!"

For our handmade shabby chic and Delft blue style jewelry you may like to visit our other Etsy shop: We both design and make our own jewelry, with all our love and attention. Most of our items are one of a kind. " ~ Minouc and Nienke
"Many years ago I inherited a Vintage Postcard Collection. I soon began collecting all types of vintage papers. I now have way too much to manage. That is how this shop was born.

I hope you get as much pleasure from these lovely vintage images and echos from the past as I have."  ~ForgottenPapers
"I have a rather unique sense of style, and just enough skill as a seamstress to make the things I think of!

Modern fashion for women consists mainly of two modes:
'boy wannabe'- the clothing designed to make you look like a young male, I include in this category the clothing originally designed for miners..Levis and their ilk

'prostitute'- The number of young girls/women I see wearing outfits suited to the second oldest profession(the oldest is actually priesthood) is staggering. If you enjoy looking like a 'lady of negotiable virtue' that's fine, but I think that it's more of a lack of easily available feminine fashion that drives it.

Either of which does not suit me.

I go for nothing above ankle length, and nothing that can't be worn with 36" or more of petticoats.
Some people say such attire isn't practical...
I say they have no backbone!

Feel free to visit my site:" ~d cerrato


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