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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy National Postcard Week! May 4 - 10 2014

Happy National Postcard Week (NPCW) What a wonderful week!  For all of those techies who have just about all forgotten what snail mail is you don't know what you are missing.  There is nothing like knowing there will be little treasures in your mailbox everyday.

What I love best about National Postcard Week is how it brings back a little bit of that childhood excitement over one the simple things in life.  Every weekday we know that our mailperson will be reliably leaving our mail.  The good old USPS, while not perfect is still a great American institution and a rich part of our lives.  I remember anxiously checking the mailbox every day wondering what card or gift would be waiting for my birthday.  The fun there was in knowing that your summer penpal would reliably send you a action packed letter from across the country.

Throughout the week I will be sharing the lovely cards I receive.  Here are the cards that were waiting for me Monday, the first day of our great NPCW.  Thank you to those that are participating and for keep this tradition alive!






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The Gossamer Tearoom said...

How fun Colleen! Thank you for showing off the cards you have received so far this week! I just mailed out all of mine today, so yours is on its way to you!

Wishing you a fun rest of your week!