Monday, June 30, 2014

Members Of The Pacific Postcards Team - Series 60

Welcome to the Pacific Postcards Team Meet and Greet.  We have a great team that had start simply as an Etsy Team but has branched out into Artfire, G+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  We would love for you to join are team and help promote New Artistically designed or reproduced postcards, collecting vintage and antique postcards, creating digital art, and anything to do with ephemera and vintage imagery.

First I would like to introduce myself, Colleen (Captain) and Frances (Leader) of the team:

"First a brief little introduction: I grew up a Midwest farm girl from Wisconsin but through a series of moments of self discovery I have since moved to California and live the city life in Palm Springs.  I live in a beautiful contemporary home where my husband and I have designed a small but very beautiful Japanese Garden.

Unfortunately, though, the contemporary look does not blend with my passion for vintage and antique Victorian froufrou.  So I have created for myself a virtual world with my shops.  I welcome you to my attic filled with all the treasures found and creations made especially for you..." ~Colleen Cornelius
"I create mixed media, collage, folk art, religious icons, jewelry with a twist, paintings & digital art. Frida Kahlo has long been my muse and some of my art is inspired by her colorful life and paintings. I also enjoy dressing up in costume for any occasion but especially for Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos celebrations and of course as Frida.

Hunting for treasures at flea markets, thrift stores and antique shops is also a favorite past time and I often incorporate these objects into my art..." ~Frances Perea




I love to create and am happiest when I am busy making beautiful and useful things using as much vintage and/or repurposed materials as I can. I always have many projects going all the time and love to try new techniques, but sewing and handwork are always my favorite. 

I have been making things since I was a young child. I have had so many good teachers throughout my life. Everyone in my family is very creative and talented and I thank them for sharing that with me. I love to share my creativity with my children, family and friends.

I grew up around antiques and collectibles and have always enjoyed hunting for more. I love to rescue, refurbish and display what I find. My Father was a Historian and I learned much from him and have many of his treasures. I am coming to a point in my life where I realize that I have too much, so some of these treasures will show up in my shop as well. 

You can find some of my projects on my Pinterest.

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy Life!" ~Terry Wilson



"Illustrator and maker of yummy things. Handmade is the future!" ~ Maja K Zetterberg



"KrisGoesPicken is a reflection of who I am. It is an eclectic mix of things I love. I paint, draw, sew, make jewelry, collect paper ephemera, etc. I also love to go picking--searching for treasures in the little Texas towns in the Hill Country where I live. So, you never know what you might find in my shop! In addition I am involved in photography with my husband, George. Some of our photos are on this site. I am going to be putting more on Etsy in the future. You can also check out
And while you are on Etsy, be sure to check our my sisters' shops, juliegoesjunkin and thechocoholic. My sister, Julie, sells lots of neat vintage and handmade treasures. My sister, Jenny, sells amazing delicious chocolates. Happy shopping!" ~Kristin Picken********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************


"While making original and unique pieces of wearable art, and find interesting antiques to add to any decor; the majority of my supplies are purchased through small businesses.

Clothing is our next endeavor, please check back for more styles. All of our pieces are made one at a time in America. 

We do offer wholesale and custom opportunities, please visit our wholesale page for more information."  ~Rachel





"Hi. My name is Janice. I've been cross stitching for over twenty-five years and I absolutely love it! There is nothing more thrilling or fulfilling for me than to sit down with a needle and thread, watching a piece come alive on the fabric in all it's brilliant color and shading. I enjoy the creativity in the patterns and envisioning them just a little differently than the designer intended.

I get very excited when I first start on a project; from choosing the pattern to deciding on the finishing techniques! I also have an eye for detail so there is a good amount of time making sure everything coordinates and harmonizes with each other. I have to admit, sometimes it takes a while to choose just the right fabric, ribbon or print on a piece of cardstock for a gift tag. There is such a variety of materials to choose from! Still, I have so much fun laying my pieces out and seeing how they look on various backgrounds. There is always a sense of accomplishment and contentment when I know I've created something that others can treasure and hopefully pass on.

My inspiration comes from the many talented designers in the cross stitch community and I admire their dedication to this beautiful craft. Some of my favorites are Marie Barber, Sam Hawkins, Carol Emmer and Lesley Teare. I wish I could name them all! I will always do my best to acknowledge each designer in the pieces I have created.

If you love, elegant, beautiful handcrafted cross stitch as gifts for loved ones, special friends or just for yourself, I know you'll find something here that will appeal and speak to your heart. Enjoy looking through the shop and thanks so much for stopping by!" ~ Janice Sharp



"Very early in my life, I always loved, played with, and made things from the bits and pieces that I'd found, or was given, by other people. I spent my time happily collecting, organizing, and re-arranging these little treasures into artwork and memory-vignettes to decorate my little room.

Before it was cool, my family made new things from old things, and rescued useful items destined for the trash. My Sister and I learned at an early age not to waste anything, and to look for new ways to create, from what we had on hand.

I find that I am still attracted to, and collect similar things to when I was growing up. I am still recycling, re-using, and rescuing items, and love the possibility of creating something new with these treasures, and sharing them with others!

My Cards, Tags, Hand-Made Papers, Collage Artwork, and Flea-Market finds all have these elements in them. I hope to share these pieces with like-minded individuals who understand and appreciate what I've created, and collected here in my shop!" ~ Laurel

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