Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Old Games ~ New Tricks; The What's Different Game

Nothing is better good old fashioned game, no batteries, no digital, just your brain vs a deck of cards or dice.  My fondest memories are of playing games with my Grandfather: Kismet, Coufere, Jarts, Chess, Checkers, on and on and on...   My Grandfather would spend so much time teaching me how to play of these games but yet I wanted more so then he introduced me to quite solo games that I could play by myself.
One such game I had found in my other Grandfather's Grit Magazine just by accident.   I have always loved things that had rich histories so often I would page through his magazines looking at the pictures.  I was about 10 years old when my eye caught a cartoon on one of the pages, but what really caught my eye was that there were two of the exact same cells.  At first thinking it was an error I looked at it better, then read the instruction.  Find the differences!  I have a quick eye and love a challenge so I got down to business.  In no time I had found those little subtleties and wanted more. Of course my widowed Grandfather was a bit of a hoarder so I was able to find Grit after Grit and spent the entire afternoon trying to see how fast I could find the changes.

In tribute to those fun brain teasers, here is my own little What's Different Game.  When your done or get stuck, click the link below the last picture to find out the answers.  Have Fun!

Hint there is 12 changes

For the answers:

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