Thursday, September 25, 2014

Flashback Thursday; Life In America - The 1890s

The 1890s was a period for new innovation and discoveries; the first commercial production of automobiles began, the Kinetoscope, a devise for motion pictures, was invented by Thomas Edison, flying machines were being built and successfully tested, and so much more.  The people during this age must have felt they were in a whirl wind of technical and scientific advances.

The average American family consisted of mom, dad and three kids; it also started a trend where dads were skilled laborer and moms stayed at home to take care of the family.  Of course there are still farmers and many physically laborious jobs but the fast moving innovations lead to more technical jobs making life for some easier.  Life had more luxuries than past decades, more frivolities and more color, coining the phrase the "Gay Nineties."

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