Thursday, November 13, 2014

Flashback Thursday; Life In America - The 1920s

I love the Roaring Twenties! Traditional people in the 1920s must have had similar emotions about societal changes then as the traditional minded do today.  Huge social changes were happening at such a rapid rate that it may have seem to some that the world had gone mad.

The 1920s have so many interesting segments that it would be just about impossible to cover all the wonderful memories and aspects of that era in one post so I think we will travel back and "sit a spell."
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In the 1920s American toy makers had competition from cheaper treasures coming from Japan and Germany.  There was also a movement from the handcrafted toys of the previous eras to mass produced items that were readily available to the masses. For the first time most children could afford to have a toy if not many. Companies like the Knickerbocker Toy Company and Crayola joined our lives and others were introducing to us the Yo-Yo.  How could I not love the 1920s the dawn of many favorites and contributors to my fondest memories.

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How wonderful, vintage toys are the best! Great article and photos. Thank you so much for including my image!! Hugs, Jean